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Brown/black residue

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What is the dark residue left behind in SWIMS lightbulb vaporiser.
Is it coz hes over cookin the spice? or is it dmt oxide. Is it because his original spice is unpure or what?
bumpo i get this residue too out my base pipe. i usually burn it off with a propane torch because a lighter wont get hot enough. I would like to know what it is. my guess is residual naptha or maybe residual NaOH.
most likely its just fats and oils from your spice...lye doesnt really get into the naphtha..and naphtha should evap..but its just carbon build up from the fats and oils i think
Well my thing is this. last night i blasted and towards the end of my hit the liquid started bubbling so i stopped. when i came back and tried to finish the puddle in the pipe it just bubbled and was unsmokable smelling way worse then dmt. I dont even think dmt tastes or smells bad. This shit would have tore you a new throat.
off white crystalline powder.pre melted to form light honey colored puddle. never had it bubble before. i used to smoke dope and i can remember after using the same pipe for so long little etches and porous spots form inside the bowl. I wonder if spice is just getting stuck in these spots and burning too fast. still dont explain the awful smell/taste. I mean it was bad like actual burning plastic. i know they say spice smells like plastic but it doesnt. this did. I know the spice dont smell like this because when i smoke and breakthrough it doesnt taste like this. nor does the spice/liquid bubble
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