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bufo question following extraction

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So SWIM knows someone that just finished a bufotenine extraction but was unsure about the quality of the finished product... they used Jorkest's D-Limonene tek with vilca... everything seemed to go ok... the final product is a brown powder, on the darker side but not as dark as it was before the limonene, maybe 100mg, not much.... SWIM realised he's never seen any pictures from a successful extraction... unfortunately there were some complications, they added too much water at both freebase stages and had to let them dry longer which took days, but otherwise everything dried fine... the next complication was when boiling the limonene, the suggested amount couldn't boil for 5 mins on their hotplate, it boiled off, this sucked, the dark brown powder was briefly (a second or 2) left sitting on the hot pan with all the limonene boiled off, it actually got lighter though, and they did another boil on everything this time with more, it was difficult to notice whether anything at all was dissolving into the limonene, but when decanting they used a spoon to hold back a black substance, some may have gotten through..... so SWIM was wondering is the less brown stuff bufo then? it's not sticky at all.. it's like a mud brown powder.

SWIM was wondering does anyone have experience with this tek, guess there is no harm in testing, but maybe it's just nausea alkaloids and nothing else.
Using a different method SWIM's friend was able to get a tannish brown powder from colunbrina seeds.

It tested for B in a chromatographic analysis. It also appeared very pure.

However bioassay while it works also gives nausea side effects. Effects have not really been that good. Not sure why. Probably an impurity or different folks react differently to B.

Its interesting that when you heated it got lighter. I wonder if that cooks off some compound? However if the compound was that volatile SWIMs friend would have detected it in the analysis.
I think the content of these seeds varies like crazy. Also when using D-limonene, in my experience the final product is quite unstable.

I'm still waiting for another oppotunity to do this where I will use xylene and more accurate heating and temperature reading equipment.

I find the brown material to be smokeable, although quite irratating for the lungs and not as potent as most reports.
bufotenine extraction is a difficult thing...its very touchy and finicky...SWIM had to do so many extractions to actually get something that was a dry powder..and with the bufotenine extraction it got most of the gunk out...and used something that wasnt entirely gross to smoke and hasnt caused any nausea for SWIM...he did try something though..which may help clean it up...try dissolving it in acetone and the filtering...there may be something left..this could be oxidized material...SWIM doesnt know..but after dry the acetone he was left with a much lighter powder...obviously with a bit missing..hes smoked it..and it still gives the same effects..

body high...then fuzzy visuals..and usually some tranquilization(not sure if this is a word)...SWIM can easily fall asleep after smoking it..and has bizarre and crazy dreams...but in the morning hops out of bed like hes done a bump of some clean coke(small bump) feeling very energized and excited about the day...if he smokes more he can get some sweet mushroomy visuals but...as people have stated the vapor is kinda harsh on the lungs...but when mixed with some dmt changa and then rolled into a joint...about 20mg dmt and 5-10mg bufo....the effects are pretty much awesome...put some caapi, passionflower, lavender, peppermint, and maybe some weed or mullien as a bit of a filler..go for a walk and smoke the joint...works great...

SWIM feels the dmt helps his body open up to the bufo visuals and effects..
well SWIM finally tried it...started small, 3mg, didn't get anything really, I think SWIM reached about 30mg of this impure stuff before noticing the effects, very pleasant, everything looked the same except more profound, colors were brighter, cognition was fine, no naseu... I expect if SWIM did double that he would really feel it... but alas, there's none left :(
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