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now SWIM would just like to say that bufotenine is effing awesome...even at lower doses..smoking 1mg a hit..and smoking many hits over the course of an hour..is so so nice..its relaxing..its exciting..visual..wonderful body high..and you feel absolutely amazing..its like a DMT that doesnt leave you dazed and confused;)

this is something that SWIM is thinking of infusing some herb with...because the small..tiny little doses that you would get when passing around a joint would be just heavenly..and people would smoke it...

most of SWIMs friends are afraid of the things he makes...for good reason..but this isnt scary..its soooooo nice..its the best psychedelic..
ah thats awesome to hear!
swim just evaped some acetone and hyrdo cal made extract onto some herbal cure and when it dried out it was a SUPER nice crystally hard herbage... so i can imagine that with the more refined mix its going to be great!
Hey jorkest.

How would you say bufotenine is when it comes to learning and improving yourself? Is it just for fun and to feel good, or is it any good at improving your life? Any insights coming from it? And how does it compare in that respect to dmt?
In SWIMS experience with the seed snuff... SWIM used to lead ceremonies of large groups of people with the snuff and it was very effective in helping people make changes in their life, it was very healing and empowering for people.
SWIM finds it more of a spiritually rewarding experience when snorted, even though it’s a little rougher that way. SWIM hates snorting anything, it always make him feel ill (even snorting something inactive like sugar makes him ill). There’s more insight when it’s done the traditional way by snorting the bufotenine.

When it’s smoked, there’s some of that insight effect, but there’s more euphoria, and much more visual effects. It’s definitively a mood enhancer. It’s more pleasant. But at high doses (30 mg or more) it’s also a very rewarding experience. The visions you have from it can be quite eye opening. But it’s never forceful or “in your face” like LSD often is. It leaves your mind relatively untouched. You can think coherently. There’s very little “mind fuck” which is present in most other psychedelics.

There was a time period in the past when Yopo and Vilca were the most commonly used psychedelics, that’s is before ayahuasca spread and took over.

Imagine a DMT that is without much mental effects, or “mind fuck”, but still highly visual, and a DMT that lasts about 4 times longer. That’s pretty much what bufotenine is like. Of course the feeling tone of it is very different, but you get the idea.
Bufotenine sounds interesting. SWIM is thinking about doing an extract when he can get around to it. He would actually rather do a full alkoloid extract on some good chaliponga, because of the 5-meo-DMT content. He knows its not visual, but if he has understood the desctriptions correctly, it will open up the floodgates of his mind. Which is what he wants.
so after having a wonderful night sleep and thinking about his little bufotenine smoking experience last night..here are some new thoughts..

even at lower doses..smoked over longer periods of time(say a total of 15-20mg over an hour or so) SWIM was sitting in his chair..he closed his eyes..and the next thing he knows hes having a conversation with his brother and friend...it was his first vision like experience with bufotenine..he was actually pretty confused when he opened his eyes to find himself alone his his house..

so far SWIM has just been getting his toes wet..when it comes to bufotenine..but the more he smokes it..the bigger the picture seems to get...hes really excited about using this material more..what he notices also is that the positive life changes that it cause..dont really happen while he is on it..but the next day...he is filled with this wonderful warm feeling..and intense happiness and excitement..he feels like the world is hugging him and showing him all of these wonderful things..its like the feeling you get after taking a large dose of mushrooms..the next day you just feel amazing about everything...its like that..except bufotenine is so much easier on the mind and body it feels like..

mushrooms can be hard on your mind..getting stuck in loops..and seeing scary visuals..and the sort...bufotenine is like a warm hug from mother earth..and SWIM knows that the longer he works with this material..the more he will be able to learn about it...obviously..

but right now..SWIM is just glowing..hes so excited that the d-limonene tek works..granted you dont get crystal clear bufotenine from it..but it seems cleaner on the lungs compared to using other solvents to extract it...the d-limonene adds a nice little flavor to it..and as long as you take little hits in a few minutes..you wont cough up a lung(bufotenine is much harsher smoke than dmt...it feels like it expands in your lungs) its also a bit hotter i suppose..
I'm waiting for my seeds right now. I plan on planting a few of them around here so I can get some more. Does anyone know anyways to potentate the seeds, like adding dopamine to cacti?
I would sacrifice goats to the tree... that should do it... it would make the tree muey pleased....
Hey Jorkest. I am curious as to what you used to extract the bufo from.If you dont mind me asking. as this seems something Iam interested in.
a. colubrina seeds...it says this in my new d-limonene extraction..and is the only thing most people extract bufotenine from because it has the highest quantities..
hey Jorkest, AWESOME to hear about the d-limonene working out! any chance you could direct me to that wonderful tek? as fate would have it, SWIM just did HIS first Bufo xtract a couple days ago....used Noman's tek and ended up with a pretty gooey result....definitely active though and VERY enjoyable! SWIM found the smoke to be a little harsh but the spirt and the feeling was spectacular! Jorkest, 69ron- do either of SWIY experience a "tingling" sensation in the scalp when smoking it? SWIM has noticed this effect every time it's starts to come on....

love and gratitude!
man swim has been all over town, trying to find D-limonene and the best he found was only 94% quality stuff and that was only at one place and it was 40$ a gallon... swim may have to resort to ordering it...
antrocles said:
Jorkest, 69ron- do either of SWIY experience a "tingling" sensation in the scalp when smoking it? SWIM has noticed this effect every time it's starts to come on....

Yes, especially with a large dose. That’s an effect that’s unique to bufotenine. At first the tingling is a little harsh, but it becomes very pleasant after a few minutes. It starts with a tingling sensation in the upper back of the head before any other effects are felt. The tingling gradually spreads throughout the body as the visual effects start to kick in.
YES YES YES!! that's PRECISELY what SWIM gets! hey....has SWIY tried Jorkest's d-limonene extraction tek yet? would love to nail down a rock-solid tek using this all-natural solvent! also, any advice for cleaning the smoke up a bit?...it's quite harsh...for SWIM (doing the Noman's tek) he found it VERY hard to NOT get a bunch of oil/plant in his final product....definitely a tougher extraction than DMT from MHRB!

love and gratitude!
SWIM has not tried Jorkest's tech. The last extraction SWIM did netted several grams of bufotenine, so he's not going to try using d-limonene for a while until his bufotenine runs out. Next time for sure though.

SWIM has about 98% pure nearly white bufotenine crystals he obtained from his own tech. He did a thorough A/B extraction on A. colubrina, and then cleaned it up by boiling the sticky amber product in xylene. Xylene does the same thing d-limonene does. When boiling hot, it dissolves the bufotenine, but none of the other sticky toxic crap. You boil it for 5 minutes and then quickly but carefully pour out the xylene leaving behind all the sticky toxic crap. When the xylene cools down, tiny bufotenine crystals start forming. They are about 98% pure.

SWIM is a big fan of d-limonene and now uses it as often as he can.

He is planning on boiling his remaining bufotenine crystals in d-limonene to remove any residual xylene from them. He did notice that xylene is still present in the crystals even after letting them dry for a long time. You can’t smell the xylene at all, but if you ingest the bufotenine orally, you end up burping up xylene flavored burps. (NOTE: don’t ingest bufotenine orally, it’s unpleasant that way.)

I would recommend using boiling d-limonene in place of xylene to clean up your crystals. Boil your impure sticky bufotenine in d-limonene for about 5 minutes, and then quickly but carefully pour out the d-limonene leaving behind the dark sticky toxic crap. When the d-limonene cools down overnight, tiny bufotenine crystals will form. Putting the d-limonene in the freezer overnight might help get more crystals to fall out. After all the crystals fall out, pour off the d-limonene. If there’s any brown or dark colored crap mixed in with your crystals, repeat the process one more time and it should clean them up really nicely.
....xylene flavored burps.....yikes! wonder if you put a lighter if front of your mouth and burped if it would ignite? LOL! that would be one hell of a party trick for a group of friends all smoking bufotenine!! thanks brother, boiling it down in xylene seems to be the magic bullet, eh? would love to have the kinda beautiful white crystals SWIM has with his spice....thanks for the tip! and NOW SWIM wants to experience Virola resin for the first time....any suggestions on tek/source/use?

love and gratitude!
yes..you also get that tingly scalp thing with bufo alvarius toad venom...and SWIM now knows that that is from the bufotenine..

while boiling with d-limonene does NOT give you crystals..it leaves a sticky looking film that when dried..and scraped up..turns into a tan powder that is FAIRLY pure..its the best tasting and feeling bufo hes done so far..but SWIM thinks the TEK could be improved immensely..we just need more people to play with it and work on some of the issues..
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