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Migrated topic.
SWIM got his from BBB and is immensely disappointed by their bufotenine yield....very weak seeds.... would LOVE to find a vendor with high quality Vilca seeds if anyone cares to share....

love and gratitude!
there is a tolerance...you can smoke it everyday..but the visual effects decrease
The visual effects eventually decrease and you need to wait about 1 or 2 days before full effects can be had again. But tolerance to it is gradual, not like psilocin or LSD. You can use it everyday for a few days and it still works. As the visual effect subside, the other effects seem to remain. It’s VERY HARD to describe the non-visual effects of bufotenine. SWIM has nothing to relate them to.
its like a fuzziness to reality...at least thats how the other effect feel to SWIM
Is there cross tolerance between bufotenine and dmt? For instance, if you take bufotenine a few days in a row, then decide to smoke dmt, or take ayahuasca. Will the dmt effects be diminished?
SWIM has some from an attempt at the Jorkest Bufo tek, but it is sort of tar-like, and SWIM was unsure if it was safe to ingest, and so has held off. Has anyone else used Bufo that is dark and tar-like? SWIM has been really interested in trying this, as everyone who has tried it seems to speak very highly of it. Should SWIM maybe run it through another round of heated limo to clean it up? Thanks!
Jorkest said:
now SWIM would just like to say that bufotenine is effing awesome...even at lower doses..smoking 1mg a hit..and smoking many hits over the course of an hour..is so so nice..its relaxing..its exciting..visual..wonderful body high..and you feel absolutely amazing..its like a DMT that doesnt leave you dazed and confused;)

this is something that SWIM is thinking of infusing some herb with...because the small..tiny little doses that you would get when passing around a joint would be just heavenly..and people would smoke it...

most of SWIMs friends are afraid of the things he makes...for good reason..but this isnt scary..its soooooo nice..its the best psychedelic..

Its been a decade since I experemented with this from plant sources and as we know the info available at the time was of the tone.
Turn purple with trouble breathing wile spots appear before your eyes. I was not about to try a big wiff of that. And since I start more experements than I finish it did not seem worth wile. Its time for bofotenine reconsidered its not the monster it was once proported to be in fact to the contary a true gentle giant.


just to let you know thats not really me in case anyone was wondering (that was directed at public officals no one here is so foolish)
This is a old photo I had on file of Yeti and MOP back in 2007 before the accident.:( :(



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"Turn purple with trouble breathing wile spots appear before your eyes."

SWIM has smoked 30 mg of bufotenine and never experienced anything remotely like that. It's fantastic. The tingling is a little uncomfortable for the first minute but after that it's really nice for the remaining few hours. It’s SWIM’s favorite high dose psychedelic because it lacks the “mind fuck” of all the other psychedelics. However mescaline is his favorite low dose psychedelic:) (Note that the two don't go well together.)
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