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Bufotenine admixtures/as admixture

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I want to start a thread where we can document the different states produced from all the various combinations of bufotenine with other substances..I have used bufotenine alone many times, and also in combination many times. Personally I find it pointless to dose bufotenine by itself so I dont do it anymore, the experience seems boring and useless..just meaningless hallucinations with no story or anything meaningful behing them..but when combined with certain substances I find that they will open up the space for the bufotenine to really become something useful..it's as if it has trouble producing its full range of effects by itself and needs a sort of translator in the form of admixtures to allow it to really speak.

I always take bufotenine with caapi now. Without it it just feels kind of naked and I cant really figure out why I am doing it becasue while there are hallucinations they seem distant and removed. With the caapi extract made into bufotenine changa the space is opened up a bit more, its a bit more DMT like and it seems to have more meaning..I tested some plan bufotenine by itself a few days ago just to refresh my memory, there is def a positive change in the experience when harmalas are smoked with it. Caapi is also a vasiodialator so it will counteract some of the constriction associated with bufotenine.

When a caapi only brew is drank and the bufotenine changa smoked durring the effects of the brew it is far superior to either buftenine alone and even when the harmalas are only smoked with it. No matter how much harmalas I add to the changa, I cant get back to the place it takes me with a brew as well. With a brew the space opens up much much more, the visuals are cleared up alot, less skaetchy and more chrystaline, much more like NN-DMT..the experience is much more beautiful and meaningful than bufotenine alone and there is a very nice mentally psychedelic quality associated with it. You can really feel the bufotenine merge with the caapi spirit, like it was meant to be this way and the experience is much more submersive. To me caapi and bufotenine are meant to be together, without the caapi something is missing.

*Mimosa and Caapi
With a brew of caapi and mimosa its even nicer. It has that same ayahuasca spirit infused throughout the experience, but the mimosa clears up the bufotenine visuals even more and even with the smallest bit of mimosa its like a DMT breakthrough, but a bit more navigatable. You dont need astrong brew for this..15g caapi and 1-2 g mimosa is enough to really synergise and open one up to the bufotenine space when the bufotenine is taken 45-60 minutes after th brew is drank. It will hold you there deep in a very submersive and beautiful visionary trance for 15 minutes or more, then there is a nice afterglow with lots of visuals and euphoria and you can keep redosing until the brew wears off.

*Coffee, Yerba Mate, Green Tea
I find that a small dose of coffee before hand can really add a mentally uplifting and stimulating aspect to the bufotenine experience, since bufotenine itself is sort of sedating and relaxing. I have found myself falling asleap numerous times in the middle of a deep visionary trance with bufotenine. Caffine also makes the experience slightly more psychedelic mentally. WIth yerba mate there is a bit more of an ampathic quality I notice when i drink it, its not psychedelic but its mildly euphoric and empathic, and goes very well with bufotenine..just be careful not to take too much caffine when you combine it with harmalas as well or it will become too stimulating and unpleasant.

*Salvia Divinorum
I have also taken bufotenine in combination with a low dose Salvia quid. I started with a tiny 1/4 cup of coffee about 30 mins before the experiment. I then quidded one very large salvia leaf from my plant, about the size of my hand for roughly 15 minutes. Then a large dose of bufotenine changa was smoked. This combination was very immrsive..salvinorin for me at that mild a dose has a veryslight opening quality to it, where I can feel space "widening" and everything becomes very medative. With the bufotenine the salvia seemed to really open me up and widen my perception of the bufotenine space. I could somewht feel the membranes of the walls of geometic light I was moving through into newer spaces. The caffine helped to keep me more alert since harmalas, bufotenine and salvia are all somewhat sedating for me. The bufotenine visuals were a bit more like DMT visuals, more clear and crisp than usual with just bufotenine changa. I only tried this combo once so I cant speak much more about it yet. Salvia is a vasodialator as well so it helps a bit with the constriction of bufotenine.

When bufotenine and DMT are mixed together in a changa it is very very psychedelic, extremely visual and 3d..you dont need much DMT added to it eiher, just a light light dose will really synergise with a dose of bufotenine. Most of my experiences combining bufotenine with DMT have been with oral DMT in ayahuasca brews,I have only smoked the 2 together about 2 times many months ago, so I cant comment on that too much at the moment.

Ginger is a great vasodialtor and helps with nausea, I like to drink it before I work with bufotenine.

Cacao is great to drink before bufotenine..I really like cacao and chocolate. If you get the good stuff that is strong and not over processed its mildy empathic for me and synergises nicely with caapi and bufotenine..just dont take too much if you are dosing with harmalas..the theobromine and caffine will be potentiated, so start low.

...so far my favorite way to take bufotenine is to drink either a caapi only ayahuasca brew or caapi with a bit of mimosa, then take the bufotenine durring the peak of the brew, in complete darkness with trancy msuci playing. I tried bufotenine once many months ago with some rum and it was absolutily horrible. I dont drink much at all but for me they definatily do NOT mix well..

Things I will try in the future are bufotenin with cannabis, since I dont smoke often i get lots of psychedelic effects from canabis when I do smoke, so that should be interesting with bufotenine. Bufotenine with mapacho as well, since its trational there might be something there..also bufotenine with a very light dose of tropane plants like henbane, datura etc interests me as well, but I have yet to even touch nightshades at all...oh and of course..bufotenine near the end of a mushroom experience.
Great write up Fractal, lots of good info there. Sorry I can't add much, my first run with a bufo extraction didn't go well but I'm going to try a bufo changa using your method in hopes of better results. You always renew my interest in this compound.
Cheers Fractal,
Some good info there.

I have some experience, not too much, but I can def say that with lots of harmalas / caapi extract smoked it can be very deep. Add DMT to the mix and it adds a whole new dimension, the experience is gentler and somehow deeper and longer than just dmt changa.
I have one experience of smoking bufo while on a vine-only aya brew... amazing, was transported to another place completely for a bit...

I'm eager to get some more seeds soon, need to make a new batch!!
Great thread, Thanks fractal

Ive been experimenting with bufo lately, and I do find it isn't very spectacular on its own.

Last night I tried smoking a bowl cannabis and harmalas, follow by a bowl of bufochanga, it resulted in a colourful visual, bufotrance.

Tonight I will be drinking 5g of mimosa brew and 300mg of harmalas, followed by a bowl of bufo changa.

I also have lots of yerba mate, coffee, and some guayusa tea. The guayusa is FANTASTIC, it synergizes very well with bufotenine.

Bufochanga should prove a very useful tool for my future endeavors.
I've had good experiences boosting bufotenin with san pedro. It's a bit more cerebral and has lot more clarity. Its like a high base point from where to lift off at any point of the trip, because if you smoke it near the begining, you will peak from the san pedro around the point you begin to come down from the bufotenin, except there will be a lot of bufo coloring in the san pedro peak. Near the end of a san pedro trip is good also because it still boosts the bufotenin a lot and then you basically dream off into sleep later.
hmmm I was wondering if anyone has tried the san pedro bufo combo. I am beginning to think that san pedro somehow cancels bufo's side effects.

smoking extract alone in enough quantities always produces some nousea in me, a lot in high doses. But the times I smoked it while on san pedro I never felt nousea. even smoking a similar dose as I would have with out san pedro, a dose which caused nousea, gave me no nousea whatsoever.

nousea is what usually stops me from smoking larger dose but on san pedro I did not have that issue, I felt I could´ve kept on smoking. It does change the bufotenin trip for me, but they blend wonderfully. Usually bufotenin for me is quite dreamy, but with san pedro it feels much more lucid.

has anyone else experienced this combo?
Yaqitiri, I've never achieved good effects from bufotenin, because the side-effects were building up before and stronger than the visionary ones.
I will eventually try combo such as this one to avoid side-effects.
It's side effect are vaso-constriction based so a vaso-dilatation might be good.
Fractal, you're speaking about smoked bufotenin right ?
You do not snuff the based seeds or eat a few toasted seeds ?
rOm said:
Yaqitiri, I've never achieved good effects from bufotenin, because the side-effects were building up before and stronger than the visionary ones.
I will eventually try combo such as this one to avoid side-effects.
It's side effect are vaso-constriction based so a vaso-dilatation might be good.

I had no nousea but there is still vasoconstriction, probably even more from mixing with san pedro. especially if you dose real high or if you smoke again immediately after you come down.

I will definatly be adding a ginger tea before smoking bufo next time. vaso constriction isnt very pleasent
rOm said:
Fractal, you're speaking about smoked bufotenin right ?
You do not snuff the based seeds or eat a few toasted seeds ?

I snuffed them twice and enjoyed it. I want to try larger snuffed doses sometime when I get around to it. I never ate them no.
..a few years back there was a controversy because Anandenthera sp. seeds which were found by GCMS to be almost exclusively bufotenine were producing
"dmt-like" effects. i will try and remember/get the reference.. the seeds were snuffed & smoked (with bicarb or lime i think).

obviously lots to investigate/clarify with this substance..
bufotenine is DMT like..especically at full doses. The breakthrough visuals with bufotenine are so much like DMT..the mental effects are different though.
Fraktal EKstatik,I'm gonna try bufo fumarate intra nasal in liquid solution with aya. But do you think it's safe to begin with ?
I'm amped to test out other way of extracted bufo, plus fumarate are easier to gather in crystal form than FB.
oh kay... I'll postpone the experiement as I just got a test for a new job.
I'll see this in the weekend, and try my new giant glass bong for my salvia smoking !:twisted::shock: :twisted: !
The girls and I would like you thank you for this post. We are so new to this world and what plants have to offer us.

We have been on a couple of aya journeys now with p.harmala/a.confusa root bark/chocolate combos but we want to start using bufo in our tea to boost things.

We have yobo and cebil seeds and are a bit freaked out by the power of bufo. :shock: so we have a question. :?

Would 1 seed per person added to the tea making process be enough to help or would that be too much.

Any help for the beginners is always appreciated...

We all have high metoblisms if that helps to formulate an answer.
I would highly reccomend againt ever adding anadenanthera seeds to an ayahuasca brew. It sounds like one of the worst possible physical experiences.

I am not so keen on bufotenine like I was at one time and I have not worked with it for a good while now..I feel I need to make this clear. Bufotenine is not a very useful substance in terms of insight etc for me..it is mainly a hallucinogen, in that it produces very powerful visions(in myself and some others ayway) and it also produces very uncomfortable and at times painful and nauseating side effects. If you have any kind of heart issues I would definatly reccomend not taking bufotenine as to me it feels like it could be potentially cardiotoxic, though I cant back that up with anything other than my own feelings.

It is definatly a powerful visionary substance..but it is not something I would EVER swallow. Smoke it or snuff it, or sublingual if you must. It is only used orally along with alcohol traditionally, likely due to the vasodialation from the alcohol.
jamie said:
It is definatly a powerful visionary substance..but it is not something I would EVER swallow. Smoke it or snuff it, or sublingual if you must. It is only used orally along with alcohol traditionally, likely due to the vasodialation from the alcohol.

Thank you for your reply and many personal experience reports 😉

I have found the bufochanga tek since posting this question but was still curious about yours and others thoughts on the possibility of an oral admixture.

I hope many great things come your way in the near future. :thumb_up:

your post has inspired me, I have two questions:

1. - is it smoked?
- What is the way to smoke it? ( I only do oral intake, so I don't know)

2. What is the lowest dose and what is the highest dose for Mimo-rue pharma?

traditionally, anadenanthera is smoked and snuffed..smoking is the most ancient method. As far as I know the seeds are toasted, ground up, based with shells or ashes etc and smoked, howvere I was smoking extractions..some tribes smoke the seeds as is I have heard, but trust me you do NOT want to smoke bufotenine salts. The pKa of bufotenine makes it already a rough experience even as a freebase. It has trouble passing the bbb and as a salt even more so. I can tell you from experience smoking the unbased seeds is too painful to repeat. Heavy vasoconstriction, which is present with freebase as well but to a lesser extent.

The Andean peoples as far as I know also make chichi beer with the seeds added to it, likely because the alcohol adds vasodialation activity to counter balance the constriction.

You do not want to add this stuff to ayahuasca type brews for oral ingestion. If you don't want to smoke the seeds than prepare a snuff. Oral ingestion will likely make you sicker than you can imagine with worse vasoconstriction.

There are tons of snuff recipes out there..but generally just lightly toast the amount of seeds you are using, grind them up, add a bit of sodium carbonate or lime with a bit of water..mix it up and let it dry..powder it back up and snuff.

for your next question..do you mean the lowest and highest doses for the seeds mixed with pharma/brews?

For starters..the seeds can vary so I cant say. Generaly a couple seeds does it for me..with potent seeds 2 seeds even is good enough. Colubrina and perigrina also vary and some colubrine species are reported to be 5meoDMT dominant, though I don't think that strain is commercially available. Doses vary between individuals so much as well.

The doses that some amazonians use are insanely high by our standards, and would produce some of the most complex and formed visions you have ever seen. I think that most western people would have a very very hard time handling the physical effects at that dose though. I have taken a few ridiculously large doses of the seeds but I wont talk about ammounts here. I have been able to completely break through into a reality that replaced this one, however the ego remains intanct unless combined with pharma/brews. There is an alarming cardiac pressure at these doses I will warn you..which is why I am not too keen on giving doses for bufotenine..and also why I very rarely use it anymore. At the time I started this thread I was working with it often and exploring the deep visionary potential, but that was quite some time ago. Best to start low and figure it out yourself. This stuff is a serious visionary tool for shamans seeking OBE's via tryptamines, but I wont sugar coat it..it does not feel so benign physically like DMT does. Technically it has a pretty high LD50, higher than DMT..so it *should* be safe..
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