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Bufotenine admixtures/as admixture

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Hi Jamie,

thank you for elaborate report. I was not clear, I will do extractions since I have a lots of acetone, naphta, and sodium carbonate, and seeds, but I am leaving Mexico so it will all go to waste, so I want to use it.

I was reading your old posts and you bring a lots of important topics comparing it to nndmt, so I would like to see what it does for me.

so last question would be:

- how to smoke bufotenine extract as in "non smell, quick..." tek. I understood that it should be "evaporated" and not "smoked". What kind of pipe? or I can put it in a cigarette?

bufotenine is not like DMT, in that it has a higher boiling point and is fine to smoke. I always just smoked it in a normal glass pipe or bong, on top of some leaf. You don't have to worry about burning bufotenine. The heat of a flame will not destroy it. I never tried bufotenine in a vaporizer so I don't know how well that works.

I don't smoke cigarettes so never tried it that way. I guess it could work.
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