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Carving out a space in the universe

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Rising Star
(mind)Set: Mildly agitated
(physical condition) Set: Healthy, somewhat tired
Setting (location): Buddy's apartment
time of day: 9pm
recent drug use: Weed the day before
last meal: 6pm Chicken fried rice

Gender: M
body weight: 78kg
known sensitivities: none
history of use: Novice (self) first-timer (friends)


Substance(s): Changa blend made with harmalas, spice, paulo d'arco and mugwort
Dose(s): approx 60mg of changa (approximately 20mg of spice, 20 mg harmalas)
Method of administration: vaped


Administration time: 3 periods approximately half hour apart
Duration: 1.5 hours
First effects: 30 seconds
Peak: Approx 1-2 minutes after administration
Come down: 15-20 minutes after administration
Baseline: 2 hours later

Intensity (overall): 3

Pleasantness: 3
Implesantness: 0
Visual Intensity: 2


Hangover: 0
Afterglow: 1 for a couple hours following


So two friends and I gather to share the experience of changa. After preparing my travel partners adequately, and prepping the space, we were ready to proceed. First buddy goes first my GVG is loaded with a pinch of changa about 60 mg's. He has his first blast and feels a little bit whoa, and a little bit nervous. The initial jump on him freaked him out just a bit, but he decides to hit it again. I'm sure there is still lots in the pipe because he didn't get good pulls, so I load about half of what I loaded first. Second friend goes has a couple pulls and relaxes. They are both sitting chilling and looking around. Everybody seems to be okay. I decide its safe to join them, but I don't add anything to the pipe, I figured there would be enough to get me connected, but still have a foot firmly planted in this world.
Famous last words....
I got a huge pull off the pipe and I knew as soon as it was going that I made an error in judgement. I managed to set the pipe down before I was ripped backwards out of my body through a rich green kaleidoscope. My spirit body was being pulled, called even elsewhere, but my commitment to watch for my friends kept me torn between the two forces. Then my buddies started talking, asking things, commenting on the cool ripples of objects and the warping of reality, and also talking about how underwhelming it was.
I swam through the air back to my body even though it felt as though I was going against a current. When I was back and opened my eyes they looked almost alien to me like somebody was sitting in for them. I murmured a response that must have made some sense because they responded positively. Then reality started to stabilize once more I was able to shift my consciousness back to waking reality and become fully lucid in the moment. They were dissatisfied with their experience thus far, not that it was bad but they wanted intensity.
I loaded the pipe up for them and this time I weighed it for them. I advised to hold for ten and take another one or two back to back, same amount as their first go. We practiced some deep breathing beforehand, and this time I felt confident that they had it. I reminded them to avoid talking unless they needed some help, and I also suggested that they close their eyes to fully appreciate the power of the experience. My first buddy goes again, he only needed one and got pretty much all of it. I see exactly the moment he took off. I load up the other buddy, he was complaining the most so I wasn't too worried about anything extra left in the pipe, maybe a good bump might help. He takes like three pulls and sits back but I was sure he didn't quite get enough.
I decide to try the pipe again, just to see what's left in it. Not surprisingly there was a lot left, still can't figure out what my one buddy's problem was. Now I am watching a vivid display of the same gorgeous woman dancing and seducing me repeating on into infinity. As I tried to focus on her face I zoomed in on her about to go down on another woman. This shifted to another gratuitous sexual display of beautiful women. Needless to say I was enjoying the spectacle. Then buddy #2 started complaining again, wanting more.
Buddy #1 was like man that was amazing. He mentioned how he was witness to some sort of struggle between two forces playing out before his eyes. Like these forces were fighting for control of his visuals and were playing some sort battle.
I load him up again. He has the first blast and it looked like he finally got a good lungful. Buddy #1 wants some more, he wants to get back to the battle. He has another decent blast. I killed the pipe which contained very little but enough to bump me up just a touch.
Suddenly I could feel a presence and I opened my eyes and there was a shadowy figure standing at the side of the couch behind the shoulder of buddy #2 and at the feet of buddy #1. I could sense that it meant no harm to me, but I couldn't feel it's intentions outside of that. I observed it for another moment before closing my eyes and attempting to journey.
I found myself in a crystalline cave of which the tunnel seemed endless. Stopping I turned and stuck my hands into the wall of the cave and ripped open the walls like they were a curtain. On the other side was a void of empty space going onto infinity. I wanted to step out but I was afraid, so very afraid. I stood there looking out for what felt like hours, staring into the abyss unmoving. Finally I stepped off and reality assembled around me. Each step created ground beneath my feet and the sky above me but not in front of me. It was though I was creating a space, but it was very unstable and constantly dissolving/collapsing and reassembling. I sat down on a rock and was greeted by a denizen of this place, a mermaid. I asked her a name, but she didn't reply. Everything finally dissolved into blackness. It was mostly over and I was back in the apartment.
Interesting everybody eventually did get something of what they wanted including buddy#2. He had an intense vision of a castly and city. Buddy #1 also saw the spirit watching us and buddy #2 said he felt someone right over his shoulder. I apologised for failing as a watcher but everything seemed to work out okay in the end.

Overall one of my best experiences
This sounds really fantastic! I particularly liked the bit about the crystalline cave. That sounds wonderful. It is interesting that your friend saw a battle over his consciousness. Does he remember anything about either side? With the mermaid, is this your first entity contact?

Sounds like a great trip man!
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