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Chacruna/Caapi ratio

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Hey everyone!

I was wondering if I could get some opinions on the appropriate ratio for a Chacruna/Caapi brew; specifically, one made with high quality Ecuadorian leaves.

If and when I would be doing this, it would be under proper guidance. I would like to have a pretty strong experience.

Would a 1:1 ratio be the way to go? I have also found a recipe that called for 85g of Chacruna, and 50g of Caapi per dose.


I asked this question in the chat and was given a very thorough answer! :d Since I am not a full member I can not delete my original post so I will attempt to make it more meaningful 😁

Quickly summarized: the alkaloid content of P. Viridis varies due to growing conditions, time of harvest, etc...
I am sure that this is discussed in greater detail elsewhere on the Nexus!

I plan on growing my own Chacruna asap, and will be on the look out for the elusive Chaliponga! :)

In the meantime I am looking in to Changa for my upcoming journeys.
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