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changing perspective... sorta

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Yet another day, yet another DMT. Waking up, showering and having me a little DMT has become my morning habit. I felt compelled to write, so I did, but I didn't forget about what. A few trips outside, a few inside with my favorite pandora.com Station on (Bichi) they seem to be pretty good. I am just excited to report that a relative medium dose With closed eyes produced something entirely different than CEVs with a lighter dose.

With the lighter dose, from what I remember, the visuals would change, depending on how tightly the eyes were closed. They were not exactly sparse, but Just less complex Compared to what I am about to describe. Colors: neon green on black. This green is reminiscent of Danny Gomez's paintings. Also, when you look at a light bulb and shut your eyes.

There was Stonehenge in neon. or... something of that sort. Either way, There was not very much 3 dimensional depth to these visuals. They were more like 2d images being warped. After stonehenge I believe came a few triangles highlighted by the neon. After that was an aztec style statue of a god sitting on hos throne being looked at almost on a profile of his right, but the view was aa bit more towards the front.

Out of his mouth draining down was the neon. I think that it isn't hard to imagine a statue like that in real life that has water coming out of the mouth. The statue's throne was accented by neon. I do believe that was it for the 10:00 trip.

All the while the music was playing. The current song at the time was a sort of jungley feel.

10:03 trip... or was it 10:13...

Either way, I was determined to see what real CEVs are like. Long story short, I am put into hyperspace rather nicely. Then the visuals start to assemble. I won't fill in missing details - I can't. Geometric. Mostly triangles, but if you've seen the checkerboard on alcolon_5's avatar, imagine that.

There were two of these checkerboard tunnels. Roughly purple and blue colors. Low contrast. I thought in my mind that this was a disconnection of the eyes from brain, and that the brain was interpreting other signals like if the computer read the mouse for keyboard input. So these tunnels. Pretty high depth of field. I'd say they went out a good 30-40 feet. They were pyramidal in shape, with four walls that all came to one point. Superimposed upon the walls was an ever-shifting checkerboard pattern. It would swirl and swirl. I noticed a dominance in my right eye, but that could have been my position, I am left eye dominant.

I have neglected to mention the pillar in between. Yes, as these two tunnels would meet in the middle, there was an upright standing pillar, either 2 inches, or 2 feet in diameter. More like 2 feet. Onto it was carved all sorts of intricate things, from mouthes, to tribal figures. Things of that nature, however it did not get the checkerboard pattern as the tunnels did, it was a bit different.

I also noticed small red balls, more like... roll some red nylong fiber up into a ball. Those, about 4 - 2 for each eye, would go down the tunnels then trabel up and down vertically. Not very noticible. As everything wears down (In relation to the music, this was all in slow motion) and speeds up, the visuals slowly subside, and the song changes as well. (My body syncs well with music).

I look at the basement window from inside and laugh, because this is a great way to start the day. Full immersion in an entirely different UNIVERSE, then a gentle letdown back into our own. I was very happy at this so I throw the battery into the laptop, bring it upstairs because it is beautiful up there, and desice to write this... starting at around 20 minutes ago.

I fear though, that all of my CEVs from now on will be so similar to this one that it will get boring. I myself, compared to what I saw today, must REALLY dislike open eye, as it sort of freaks me out. A way to control that is to shift my eyes a lot, and all I get with that is a "body high", and that is definitely not the point. For me at least.

There was once a man that I encountered on the internet, perhaps he is a visitor of this forum, with a glass container of what looks to be at least 50 grams of white dmt crystals. A life supply I venture.

Look forward to hearing from you al, and be safe!
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