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Cheap $5 Alternative to Sep Funnel or Glass Baster ???

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O.K. Swim has been looking at Separatory Funnels and Glass Turkey Basters. He has found some used Sep Funnels in "questionable condition" for as low as $25 USD, otherwise the new ones he found were more than twice that (according to size, and he isn't real sure what size he will need but will calculate that later). He has also found a few Glass Turkey Basters, but it seems he couldn't find one for less than $30 USD so it would just be better to go with the Sep Funnel. The problem at hand is that Swim's wife doesn't like the idea of spending a load of cash on something that, as she puts it, "might only be used one time". Swim is rather confident that this will not be the case but nonetheless, it will be much easier for Swim to convince his wife that a Sep Funnel would be a good investment if he has achieved reasonable success a few times. Swim's wife has agreed to "allow" Swim to purchase 1lb MHRB which would allow him to do a few trial extractions of 50g, 100g, and 200g. Now, don't misunderstand Swim. It isn't that his wife wears the pants. It is just they generally work very well together and find a reasonable compromise on almost everything, especially when it comes to "non-essential frivolous spending". So, Swim started thinking. Uh Oh!!! Yes, a light bulb blew. So Swim's idea is to go to the auto parts or hardware store and buy one of those little $5 Hand Siphon Pumps. Some are supposed to be for gasoline and some for kerosene. So, Swim wants to know if I think this would work and if anyone else has tried it before. I would think it should, because they are used for gasoline and kerosene and it seems as far as the "plastic eating" properties of naptha it doesn't seem they are much different. Please advise.
My friend's friend just finished putting together his homemade sep funnel and he wanted to share it with you.

Nothing fancy but does the job real well.

Items used:
1- Bottle of Bio-Green all purpose cleaner (HDPE)
1- 12" clear PVC tubing (home brew store)
1- 5/16" valve (home brew store)
He used an old plastic storage container as a stand (Not included in price).

Total cost: Approx. $12.

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