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Check what your solvent contains here

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There exists a spraycan for protecting shoes from Foot Locker. The contents are written on the side of the spraycan: heptane, propane and n-butyl acetate. These are all solvents. I know that the propane will immediately evaporate upon spraying and is probably used as filler gas. The n-butyl acetate and heptane are stable liquids at room temperature. However, I am suspicious that there is more in this spraycan than is written on it's side. I am suspicious there is some kind of lacquer dissolved in one or more of the solvents.

Can anyone confirm/disprove this?

If there are truly only the 3 solvents in this can, it is a really CHEAP source of solvents!
Is there many people on here that use only newport lighter fuel it seems to be the only clean naphtha that i can get that gets me good results. I once bought some ronsonol and it done the job ok but half the cans left residue. Even with the newport the tins contains like bit of plastic in it but i simply strain the lighter fuel threw a strainer to remove any of these bits and there we go clean naphtha. I am from the uk so anyone that could suggest any better naphtha that i could use would be great

Hmmm....according to that web site, Duraflame fresh light charcoal lighter is made of limonene and methanol? would that be a good naphtha substitute?
Formby's Lemon oil is all limonene.
im having the same problem finding which solent to use,what about isopropanol 99% pure ive used to extract hemp oil before i have no knowledge of even basic chemistry!i was planning on using the lazyman tek!
Lucky me. I was planning on using plain zippo fluid, but when I was in the hardware store to get some sodium hydroxide, I found me some "wasbenzine". I remember most people from dutch-speaking parts of the world using this as their solvent. I also remember reading a particular tek (I think it was in the DMT guidebook, but I could be mistaken) where a list of translations for naphtha was provided, and this was on it. It doesn't seem to be on this particular list, but I'm going to try and dig up some info on it, and do an evap test of course. I think I'm set :)
Hey guys! I'm pretty much all set for my first extraction just wanted to clarify a few things regarding the solvent. I will go through the Q21Q21's Tek, probably Tek 2, which they say is easier for beginner's. I have my lighter fluid Zippo brand, hope this is ok. Found two different types of paint thinner, synthetic an cellulose, with mainly Xylene and Naphtha and the other Toluene. I've dropped some on 2 different cd's and they evaporate fast but leave loads of a waxy residue, does not seem very promising! I am also looking at benzene, could this one be ok?

Regarding Lime, calcium hydroxide, had to buy 22kg for 5$, it seems they use it here for the marking of football lines!!

Also wanted to congratulate this forum and everybody since I don't think I have ever found a place with so much cooperation and organization!
Thanks for the help!
Peace and Love
humblebee said:
Can Mineral Spirits be used to extract DMT? THey outlawed Naptha in CA, (!*&^@#) but mineral spirits are inexpensive and easy to find.
Compare the make-up of Klean-Strip brand Mineral Spirits to Klean-Strip brand Naphtha. The Mineral Spirits contain heavier hydrocarbons than the Naphtha. In the literature, typically, DMT is used with light petroleum [Fleming, Woolias] (see: "Extraction chemicals, psychedelics and other relevant compounds in Merck Index 13th edition"). So, Naphtha would be the better choice following these standards.
Not considering the toxicity of the compounds in the Mineral Spirits--or the purity of the material itself--there are two possible issues that may make it worse (or better?) for DMT extraction...
1) The volatility of the heavier hydrocarbons in Mineral Spirits vs. Naphtha
2) The solubility of DMT freebase in Mineral Spirits at different temperatures

If you can find this information, you will have your answer.

You could try a small batch with Mineral Spirits, and if your end product looks, tastes, and smells the same, then it's probably good to go (as hydrocarbon impurities tend to show themselves via odor). The difference in yield would be interesting to discover...
"Extraction chemicals, psychedelics and other relevant compounds in Merck Index 13th edition"
looks more like a forensic guide for LE when encountering these chems.

Or am I thinking paranoid thoughts?
Wow, nice resource. I had no idea that toluene was a major component of gasoline.
I wish that they had included various brands of denatured alcohol though. You can usually find these by searching for their MSDS.
kendo said:
I have found a own brand paint cleaner from Homebase stating a "Slovent Naphtha Light Aromatic" but on opening it it has a light blue tint to it, I am evap testing it now but I dont like the look of the blueness,,
Should good Naphtha be clear ?
Yes it should be clear.
The blue stuff is a rust inhibitor. You can re-x it out. Your extraction will work just fine if the blue stuff is indeed a rust inhibitor, (Like coleman puts in their big cans) Just make sure you have n-heptane (Or bestine) to wash it out when you purify.
I'm having trouble readin the msds sheets. Nowhere on the one I'm looking at does it list the hydrocarbons used. It just says Lt. Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Solvent and these listed below:


Are these the things I need to look up? I'm not having great luck so far.
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