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[CHI] The next step


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At first we tried to meet each other
on the other side,
then we tried the glyphs
and quickly changed our mind.
The Traveler built a castle,
and found a pattern hovering above the floor.

Now we set a date, a time, or an occasion and go in knowing there are others out there somewhere being enveloped as well.

So what's the next step? Let's brainstorm. I have a couple ideas.

-- We could have a theme, intention, or question to ask as a group and compare results.

-- We could focus on bringing the SHE into physical reality by making it a point to not only share this experience with others but focus on the details of the metamorphosis we undergo TOGETHER.

All data could be compiled to the SHE Wiki and Lexicon.

What are your thoughts on how to evolve the Synchronized Hyperspace Event?
These are GREAT ideas. We could get hardcore . . . really focus a specific intention throughout the day of the event. Like sending prayers and meditations towards injured, ill or in trouble Nexians.

Attempt to specifically map areas of hyperspace. And detail results . . . .

Wow, next year will be the 20th anniversary of Dr. Strassman's experiment. . . . or at least since his research began. People here have varieties of experiences, write trip reports and time marches on.

Traveler built a castle? Perhaps it is still there somewhere. Participants could attempt to enter visionary states asking to visit Kafka's, . . . errr, Traveler's castle. :twisted:

SHE's kinda lost whatever magic they had around here about four years ago. Would be cool if you guys could bring it back and actually log/detail any results.
A part of me wonders if the SHE is a dead idea and can't evolve any further but I would like to be wrong about that.
The problem, in my eye, is that it's a SHE... not a CHE.

That is -- There is no good way to synchronize globally with our busy schedules. Life just gets in the way. Proposal: In stead of synchronizing, Continue. Continued Hyperspace Event.

Let's say I want to explore a theme. Mantis manifestations for example. Instead of worrying about temporal time I could kick the ball, so to speak, to another member. Maybe Pandora focuses on this theme when she is comfortable and ready to explore the Mantis. She then shares the experience in a single theme oriented thread. Then I can revisit the theme after I've digested what Pandora brought back. Then another member, and so on. Threads can focus around a theme with no definite end.

*Remove the time factor*
I don't know. The orginal SHE happened only twice? That's not too often to call it a failed idea. Personally, i'd love to see it happen again on a larger scale and REALLY synchronized, trying to meet up or transfer energies....or sharing the view so to speak.

Forget about timezones. If you can participate fine, if not ...maybe next time. Or just make a sacrifice and stay up/wake early.

That shouldn't be too big of a problem if it would happen only once or twice a year.
That sounds like the perfect solution, a1pha.
We could even have a thread for SHE in the CHE for continued exploration of synchronized endeavors. You are right obliguhl this needs more investigation as well.
CHE sounds like a great idea. It seems like it would be really conducive to mapping hyperspace and updating the lexicon.

SHEs definitely seem worth continuing to explore still, in addition. Maybe it would be better to move forward having SHE's more often, expecting a smaller turnout for most of them? It really is hard to have everyone ready, accessible and in the right mindset at a specific time. Having SHEs more often might allow for a little more experimental approach, too, trying out different goals, intentions and methods of getting there.

I love Pandora's idea of making it a whole event. Maybe the glyph idea could be revisited in the context of participants focusing on a symbol that represents the intent?
There is a reason why the glyph thing didn't work.
I can still hear just how loud hyperspace laughed at our attempt at that.
It just quickly disappears and becomes a relic from the old world.
Lower doses hyperspace uses it, replicates it, then spits it back out.
Just didn't work out the way we thought. Hyperspace is, well, you know.
I'd be interested to know what happened with the original SHE's. Can you sum it up or recommend a thread to read about it?

Yeah, that sounds about right. :lol: Maybe cactus is more amenable...
tl;dr everything we thought would matter didn't. Look at some of the older threads in this subforum for a better idea.
Seconded, re continuum. More often and more people. More detailed report but less detailed expectations.

The idea of the original SHE failed, but the spirit of it can't. Concentrated endeavor and intention. Allowing it to morph itself, as we follow along and add to the lexicon.

Regarding themes.. possibly further on when there is more structure encompassing the SHE project, everyone could take turns turning their thoughts to one agreed upon individual in the group. Granted they are receptive to it, channeling all intent through the image of that person and then allowing for that individual to report back. But in general here instead and not specifics.

I like that the 'CHE' would bring an emphasis on structured correspondence, becoming more inclusive and more self-aware as a process and not just an isolated artifact of interpretation.
Pandora said:
I LOVE a1pha's idea of a CHE, but check out this addendum that I know you guys will like . . . .

How about we call it CHEM? Continued Hyperspace Event & Mapping

CHEM ..... it's not as catchy as CHE, and there's not the automatic association with SHE.


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I think it's a really cool idea, and would love to play along!

I have shared experiences with a few people in the past, and on NUMEROUS occasions was told that I was not the only student visiting that night, and saw distant shadows of other folks as I passed through the experience.
We should drop the word event all together and replace it with integration.
Continual Hyperspace Integration, or CHI.

I think we have everything we need to get started after we all agree on a name and would love to hear more ideas from Nexians how we can move forward with this.
An idea that popped into my mind.

Maybe we could post a thread where people can post some of the issues that they are dealing with in life. Maybe we could try to put a central focus on an individual in need and try to get something out of our lesson that could be useful to the individual. It could also be a confidence boost for the individual- knowing that folks care enough about he or she that they will enter hyperspace with hopes of offering assistance.

We would be going in with full intention of trying to help a friend in need. Might charge some good karma! :)

I might just have an overly excited imagination.
so i will give my humble contribution....

this may sound a little like new age mambo jambo, but is very real for me, and i think it might help to make the events more sinchronized, even go around this time line question.

for the ones who follow the spiritual path, you may agree with me when i say that there are many universal laws, and a specific one, that says:

-Every thing you attract to you in your life, is in the exact same frequency that you are!

there are many ways to explain this, but i put it this way because it will be more in resonance with the topic.

so, allways when i go to my interdimensional travels, i do this specific exercise:

i make some respiration exercises, take som deep breaths, visualise roots of white light coming out from my feet, and connecting to the core of the earth. then i visualize/feel a ball of white light in my heart chacre, go inside that ball, and stay focused in the heart. and its there, in the heart, that i set my intention, and blast of.

why am i telling you this? because if assuming that the above statement is correct, the dmt experience will be influenced by our own energetic quality (or lack of it), because each one of us, has is own specific eletromagnetic signature. but each of our chacras has an even more specific energetic signature.

i personally, work a lot with the heart chacra for purposes of healing.
but we can focus on the ajna (3rd eye) for purposes of learning, or the crown chacra,for connection with the divine.

so im pointing this out, because that im convinced that it might help to more in sinchronicity then time-lines and so on.

energy knows no space nor time, these are boundaries from this phisical dimension.
It's not that your statement is correct, it's that your own personal system works for you. I personally do not see how a visualization holds any significance against actually exploring the upper dimensions of hyperspace. It's like walking into a forest for the first time and describing it with words you only know that fit the description of a room you spent your life in. It just doesn't work.
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