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coconut oil to defat and purify dmt......?

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I have a strange theory. I'm not experienced in chemistry so bear with me. I recently did a really lazy stb extraction on some really old acrb. I didnt even freeze precipitate just evapped the naptha in a pyrex dish. I was left with pretty circular crystal formations over the plate plus the expected oily stuff scattered throughout (oils, nmt, dmt-oxide maybe....?) When all dried and scraped, its a bright yellow but very oily mixed with xtals (very active btw, i tried it). Anyways back to my theory.

So i want to defat this dmt by dissolving it in a solvent that dmt is soluble in and then pouring/melting some coconut oil into the solvent, putting the mixture in the fridge to solidify and then removing the coconut oil layer once its hardened. And then evap the solvent to yield defatted dmt

Do you guys think this will work? My thinking behind it is that plant oils in acrb and coconut oil are both nonpolar and since like dissolves like maybe the oils would homogenize and seperate from the solvent.

Thanks for any input :)
I am not sure about the solubility or how much oil would bond but I am guessing it wouldn't be enough to actually clean up your crystals.

The current methods for defat are extremely easy and are a tried and tested way. Defat process - DMT-Nexus Wiki

I personally love the smell and flavor of all that yellow oily stuff and makes the trip feel different so I just acetone it all on to some herb and yummy yum tum tum!
thanks for the reply and the link! :)
i agree with you, i think i will just leave the spice as it is, i kinda like the full spectrum-ness of it as well.

I was very surprised at how well my extraction worked, if one doesnt care about xtals and is okay with basically a full spectrum 'extract,' I highly recommend stb on acrb!! I got about a 2.5% yield and although its a lot of impurities, its still a good yield!
If you wanted to defat your DMT, adding more fat probably isn't a good idea 😁

You'd be better off looking at a mini A/B, with a naphtha defat after the acidification.

But then you're happy with what you already have. If you fancied the experience you could put half of your product through the purification process and save the other half for comparison. This would also show you how efficient your purification was. Limitless oysters!
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