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Daime Aya vs Homebrew Aya

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How is it that every time I drink a brew with Santo Daime it's always this perfect syrupy honey-like consistency, but every time I brew and try to reduce to their density, the Aya comes out a thick sedimenty sludge?

Is it the question of fresh vs dry material?

Am I just an amateur missing some crucial bit of data?

What's the deal?

Infectedlsd said:
Why don't you ask them next time

I've been meaning to ask I just don't drink with them often

And let us know


I'll ask them next time....I just strongly suspect it to be the sugars in the fresh vine that cause the syrup/honey-like consistency......which makes me sad because that basically means I'll never be able to achieve anything like that unless I am in South America >.>
Could you not just try adding sugar to your brew? I also have heard of a South American technique where they actually boil the vine in sugar water to make a different kind of ayahuasca

Edit here is a little on sugar aya from elmundomagico

. Each maestro has his or her own (often jealously and secretly kept) recipe, and hardly exist two which can be considered the same, for ingredients used, and time and way of cooking and preparing the brew. Don Mariano, for instance, interviewed by us on the topic, maintains that Ayahuasca can be prepared also with sugar (!!) or with honey, but that this will make the brew much stronger and more concentrated than normal, will deliver a strong intoxication, and therefore the quantity one would need to drink has to be very very little, almost tiny.
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