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DMT and Piracetam

Migrated topic.
I've had nothing but better overall experiences with the spice while using typical daily doses of Piracetam. I haven't done the Spice for months, simply because something in my brain was just fighting it. I decided to listen to my mind and back off for a while. Tonight was the first time in several months that my mind seemed to be "calling" for it. I did two nice doses. After the first I was sure I was done for the night, then as things settled down I went for another. Things happened in both of these journeys that I can't even begin to explain in human (or at least English) terms.
I did have quite an epiphany though... As simple as this sounds I now understand to "LISTEN" to the Spice. It will tell you when it IS and IS NOT time to venture into The Realm. It's as simple as that.
It's not like any other psyhc, where you can just take it and see where it takes you. The spice knows where it will take you, and it knows WHEN to take you there. If it's telling you no, then listen. If it's cracking the stash box open to come find you, then listen to it as well. Bottom line - don't force it... follow it... and it will show you places of great knowledge that you never thought possible.

Happy Journeys,

figured I'd resurrect this thread, since having tried the combination recently..
the experiences were neutral overall, with some paranoia attached.. like something saying "you're not ready"..
perhaps I had too much preoccupying my mind

I just ordered some aniracetam on friday. this compound directly has an impact on 5HT2A (not exactly sure what it is), should be interesting. it's also highly regarded (as noticeably effective), very popular in japan.

here's a good place to get it. cheaper than where I got it (americannutrition.com)
So I thought I would bump this thread as there is very little info around regarding this combination and what there is is conflicting. Some mention paranoia some say it keeps you too grounded and unable to immerse into the experience making it far too intense while some people say it increases lucidity. Does anyone have any recent experience with this combo?
I thought this would be great as the nmda activity would help strengthen to connections the DMT makes during activation but I didn't like the effects at higher doses of DMT. Things felt a bit off, like there was a bad vibe to things. I will still keep to low doses to aid in the potential of consolidating DMT effects in to memory. Who knows, I might end up having longer afterglows because of it.
I don't recall if I was taking piracetam regularly when DMT was ingested in the past, but I did publish a mushroom (psilocybin/psilocin - very closely related to DMT) combos trip report on Erowid (2C-T-2 was the only adjunct that was negative, though state was not good at the time ... I think it was piracetam, 2C-T-2, and 2C-I that were involved in the reported combos) many years back that included one experience where I was taking solid doses of piracetam supplemented with a choline supplement on a regular basis and I believe right before the dose - visuals ended up enhanced, more intricate (particularly CEVs being more realistic and movie like IIRC). Ended up finding a subjective boost in analytic thought and vividness of visual effects when regular piracetam was combined with other psychedelic compounds.
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