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DMT is unlike anything I've ever seen

Wow. Everything about your post was just wow.
The details you brought back were amazing.

You are a talented guitarist, writer and really creative. I know the struggle is real for teenagers and young adults these days to just find a reason to keep going, so I'm glad that you found something that you have a responsible, respectful and measured response to regarding usage, and that your experience was profound. Not many people experience that feeling of Love and Joy their entire existence here, and I hope that it has a long lasting impression on you and keeps you from the despair that many people are plagued with these days.

I'm glad you're here, and thank you for sharing your talents and experience with us. :)
This is a beautiful report. It reminded me of why this substance fascinated me so much in the first place and reignited that childlike wonder in me that you have towards something so awe-inspiring you can't understand it. It made me all the more excited for when I finally get the opportunity to break through, thank you for sharing 😄
Thank you for describing your beautiful experience. I like that you are taking the time to integrate and spread the positivity through your life and others before going in again.
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