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DMT Preparation

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I've been heavily researching DMT on erowid.org and have a few of my friends interested. I've compiled a text file outlining preparations, notes, and information. I'm curious as to how this looks to experienced DMT users, and if I've left anything out, if there are errors, if anything is unecessarily noted, and most importantly if there is any more advice anyone can offer to be better prepared in all aspects (except for the trip itself, of course!). We're planning on doing it this spring/summer at a large campground. Thanks! ------------------------ N,N-DMT Preparation list: Version 1.1 2/20/2007 Erowid DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) Vault Preperation: -Have glass pipe (foil and straw will not work well outdoors) -Have milligram scale, or have DMT pre-packaged in 30mg and 60mg chunks -Have sitters available and available to watch closely over you, restraint may be necesary -Note the rare possibility of loud screaming during the trip and make sure you're in an area where this is ok if it happens -If possible, be around a body of water (see the DMT Water Spirit article at erowid.org) -Have tape-recorder/video camera ready to document experiences as soon as subject comes out of trip -Bring change of clothes in case of accidental urination/defecation, have shower/hose available -Fast for 1-2 days before smoking (optional, but recommended), and cleanse the body with healthy organic foods a week prior to trip -Bring bottled water for pre and post-trip, bring food for post-trip if you have fasted -Make sure you have recently urinated and defecated before smoking -Resist mixing alcohol and other drugs with your trip, they will diminish the purity of the trip Toke: -Sit on the ground -Have sitter light pipe for you -Have people remain quiet if possible, in order to not interrupt your voyage. Perhaps separate into groups of two people -Be prepared for the harsh smoke and acrid taste -Take 3 large hits, 60mg (you may want to work yourself up to this dose with one trip per hour, 15mg, 30mg, 60mg) Trip: -As soon as the 3rd hit is taken lay down, smile, keep your eyes closed for the best visions, and take deep breaths -Think about the meaning of life, the cosmos, contact with beings, etc. -Reassure yourself that everything is going to be ok, remain calm, smile -Know that you are not dead and you will be back to your body soon -Let go, let it take you, surrender to it, enjoy the ride, do not resist it -Accept gifts offered to you from beings if applicable, go with the flow, trust them, accept their love/help/comfort/knowledge Coming down: -As soon as you're able to speak, start talking about your experience to document it...you will forget it if you don't. -Remain laying down until you feel you can sit up, keep talking about your trip -Sit up, stay seated until the geometric patterns begin to subside, keep talking about your trip Notes: -Expect to see geometrial patterns, tunnels, a dome, elves, beings, circus type visions -Expect that you will most likely worry about your breathing, but assure yourself your body is fine and take deep breaths -Expect to have feelings of extreme awe and terror, but reassure yourself everything will be ok -For the sitter: expect subject to both sob and laugh uncontrollably during or after the trip -For the sitter: expect subject to say things like "too much", "wow", "I don't like this", "this is amazing", etc. -For the sitter: expect that subject may scream and may need to be restrained -Smoking more than 60mg-80mg does not intensify your trip. There is apparently the cut-off point. 3 to 4 large hits will bring you to that point. -The more you weigh, the larger the amount you want to smoke. A person at 150lbs would likely only need 60mg to reach the "breakthrough" point. A person at 250lbs may want to smoke 80mg to reach breakthrough. -Do not have anything in your mouth while smoking, e.g. gum, altoid, etc. -Do not mix the DMT with basil, parsely, oregeno, etc. Some do this to make it taste better. It is not necessary. -A single user may have one DMT trip which is totally orgasmic, and then another which is totally horrific, and then another that is neither -Do not smoke DMT in a water bong, DMT is partially water-soluble
Hello dijonH, Nice to see you take care of your preparation before using DMT, it's very wise. Here is my only comment: [quote:e336d62709]-Have tape-recorder/video camera ready to document experiences as soon as subject comes out of trip [/quote:e336d62709] Forget about the camera, don't get it on tape, just talk with eachother about your experiences. I wouldn't feel relaxed with a camera pointed at me right after my experience and creating video-evidence of you trippin on DMT doesn't sound like a good idea either. Hope you all enjoy your trip.
Good point. Come to think of it, I'm extremely uncomfortable with a camera pointed at me when I'm sober! So, yea, I will definitely cross that off the list. Thanks for the input!
great idea. if you feel it would be helpful and worth mentioning consider adding something about sitting upright with spine straight and calming/clearing the mind, and meditating or focusing on your intentions for taking the substance. and as for dmt being water soluable... would't some dmt condense after being cooled and filtered by cold water?
[quote:b6056a169c="Astral Time-traveller"]Where did you get the information about DMT being partially water soluble? Even if it is, a water pipe has 2 very distinct benefits -- a torch can be used to vaporize the entire hit instantly, and the water cools it off again so the cloud can be taken in all at once. But a normal bowl attachment shouldn't be used. Instead, a glass freebase bowl pipe should be rigged up to the input of the water pipe. The spice is vaporized by holding the butane lighter torch beneath the glass bowl.[/quote:b6056a169c] I don't see the disadvantage of water pipes either. I have used water pipes, bongs and vaporizers led through water and it worked just fine. What I like to use is a Vapo 2 lightbulb-like vaporizer. It's cheap and works like a charm. You lead the smoke from the vaporizer through water to make it less harsh by following the instructions on the website: [quote:b6056a169c]You can also use the Vapo 2 to use a water bottle pipe. Take a plastic bottle or a aluminium can. Punch a hole in the bottle or can, half an inch above the water level. Put the tube in the hole so that it is under water.[/quote:b6056a169c]
Thanks for the input, everyone! I can't remember where I read that DMT was "partially water-soluble". I think it was at the end of one of the experiences articles I read at erowid...so I'm not sure how accurate it is. I wrote it down with the mindset of "better safe than sorry". So everyone here does recommend using a water pipe to filter out some harshness? Can someone send me a link to a water pipe online that would work? Also, could someone send me a link to a plain-pipe that would work well for DMT? Thanks
[quote:567d36dae6="dijonH"]So everyone here does recommend using a water pipe to filter out some harshness? Can someone send me a link to a water pipe online that would work? Also, could someone send me a link to a plain-pipe that would work well for DMT?[/quote:567d36dae6] Before you ask question (and please do!), it might be a good idea to search the forums a littlebit. You question has been asked several times, I think. A few suggestions with photos can be found in the following topic: http://www.dmt-nexus.me/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=14 I have already posted a link to the Vapo 2 vaporizer I use. You can also create a lightbulb vaporizer yourself (just search for "lightbulb vaporizer tutorial" on Google). Another way of smoking DMT is to use a regular hash pipe and a lot of pipe screens. It might be a good idea to further discuss this in the "How do you guys smoke it?"-topic (see URL above).
[quote:abf1e19d52="Astral Time-traveller"]Here is a perfect pipe which is only 3 bucks! And yet it's made of borosilicate glass (same as Pyrex, Bomex, Kimax). [img:abf1e19d52]http://cynmar.com/images/items/large/11520441.jpg[/img:abf1e19d52] http://cynmar.com/item_detail.aspx?ItemCode=11520441 Be sure to pick up a brush and some cleaning fluid while you are there :D Come is in 2 sizes --- 6 inch and 8 inch[/quote:abf1e19d52] That "pipe" is so awesome. It's indeed PERFECT :D "Please note that a minimum order amount of $25.00 for domestic orders and $200.00 for international orders applies." NOOOOO! I'm in Europe, so this won't work for me. What a bummer :(
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