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Do you believe in telepathy.

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I don't believe in anything. But I have experienced what many would categorize as telepathy countless times in a number of ways and types. I suspect it has to do with some kind of non-locality involving mixrotubules; similar to Stuart hameroff's model of consciousness

There is actually a fairly solid amount of study on "telepathic phenomena" with some interesting results but it largely gets dismissed because of our reluctance to change our models/minds

Wow what a great attribute for humankind. If possible then we can surely become telepathic but maybe not in this lifetime maybe in the future.

However, in a mystical experience of our existence i am sure we are well connected and that telepathy is just another way of sharing information.
I think maybe to an extent. Like when you walk in a room where two people have been arguing but have stopped because they knew you were coming over but you still get that vibe that the room is tense... or how most animals communicate... it’s kinda that sixth sense ya know. As far as full blown conversations in your head go I’m a bit skeptical but I’m definitely not gonna say it’s impossible.. like others have said, maybe we’re just not advanced enough right now. I definitely know when I’m deep in a psychedelic experience and thinking in my head I get an eerie feeling that my thoughts are being heard by my surroundings. So who knows maybe it is real,, or... maybe I’m just tripping balls and super paranoid... i dunno.,, hopefully I live to see the day that I find out though
I just stumbled over this and i have to say something is there definetly.
My mother for example never did any psycedelics.
I remember when i was a child my mum was doing the dishes and all of a sudden dropped a plate and started to cry.
That second the phone rang. Her sister was calling telling her that her father was hospitalized
and he later died.

On a more positve note. Everybody that has a tight relationship experiences things like that
alot. The human mind is much more complex then we can explain right now.
Maybe if you live on a mountain with no distractions you can improve skills like that.
Maybe not. Who knows
What is often implied with telepathy, is a form of a communication that would happen directly in the headspace. That is basically to say that to "evolve" is to not need mouths, a very complex and feminine organ, but rather to simply leave that behind, for something abstract, a mind floating without body.

The idea of telepathy is as such very powerful, what dreamers seek not to fly ?

It also follow similar order as other ideas, like breatharianism (to feed without mouth) or most model of transportation invented by man (instead of using the hips, belly, region to move, and to have our hands free and relaxed, we need to grasp and direct things with the shoulder region). But it also find a more perfect incarnation in letters or digital communications. Both teleporting thoughts in the distance. And again, whereas with a pen you would write with your all forearms, or as the Chinese calligrapher 'paint' with their all body, you type on a machine with very segmented sensations, very limited to the tip. It is very articulated. In a sense, it follows also a similar pattern as music, which would have at first be sung, then blown, and eventually only played, with no more mouths, no more breath and only fingers. The very mental, numeral and precise fingers.

What this imparts, is that whereas with your mouth, you need be aware of breath, and of the need of a pause, that we have made sound instrumentalized has made it perpetual. So it is basically the same idea as eternal growth that is so dear to our beloved neo-liberal society. It can seemingly go on. You can read a book of a thousand pages, and whereas the narrator, or yourself if you were to speak up of what your eyes befall onto, would need to rest, that they would feel the physical limitations, the soar mouth, the mind can go fast, seemingly unbounded. As such, the body is entirely excluded from this extremely visual, out of body experience that is the digital rein. If you are to personify a little our present model of communication, we are literally beings of light reduced to a written from that could outlast us. I could still exist by those words here if I wear to get a virus in the near future. In other words: Eternal Being of Light Immortal in the Cloud (™)

So, if we study our desires, we actually get a more accurate pictures of this affair, that transcends cultures but it surely most representative of our death fearful one.

However, they might already exist of forms of telepathy. They might be rooted, not in something extremely abstract but something extremely physical. The language of body is universal. And it tells a lot ! But maybe, because we are a little to overwhelmed and focus on what goes on inside our bubble refractory mirrors, we don't notice every subtle details that we should, and that always speak more to our true intent, rather than the lies we can tell ourselves. To eventually heightened those sensations (thought it might not really be needed, everyone has hobbies!), the way would most likely be to simply look down where instincts lies, out of control, to this vague regions, this belly from where we were born and seem to be so eager to leave.

Any way, the best way to feel that thing, that link, might just be to keep close to the ones you care about. In that good, well sung, old silence.
They say twins who live apart experience it and know when the other is ill or in distress. I personally know a pair of twins who will attest to this. Also, quite frequently, when they meet up, they will be wearing similar clothes and colours.

On a personal note, I've been with my partner for 30 years and we often think something and within a second or two the other one of us says what the other was thinking.

Also, there are stories about people meeting in dreams if they are both dreaming at the same time and about the same location. My best friend and I always said we would meet on top of the Empire State Building, if possible. Unfortunately, that has never happened. To date.

I've found meditating with trees to be interesting with respect to telepathy. Their roots plug into the rocks and water of the Earth - not to mention the subterranean mycosphere. It's all connected, a natural planetary interwebs.
downwardsfromzero said:
I've found meditating with trees to be interesting with respect to telepathy. Their roots plug into the rocks and water of the Earth - not to mention the subterranean mycosphere. It's all connected, a natural planetary interwebs.

Interesting point. More so, since they have discovered water has memory in ways we never imagined previously. I watched a fascinating documentary about it. I'll link it at the end.

Since watching this documentary, I have started sending love to the water I use for my house plants and they appear healthier.

When you consider as humans we are basically bags of water. So, mood and thought must have some effect on our general state of being. Therefore, positive thought does have its merits.


No, I don't. I've experienced coincidences just like everyone else though.

I would be more ambivalent about it, but I experienced some sort of mild drug induced psychosis for a few days (while sober), and now I reject that sort of thinking categorically. Psychosis is a pretty crude description, but anyways.

Duncan Disorderly said:
Interesting point. More so, since they have discovered water has memory in ways we never imagined previously. I watched a fascinating documentary about it. I'll link it at the end.

It certainly would be exciting if it was replicable.
What about precognition? I find that more interesting than telepathy, i've experienced precognition for sure, twice in my life, once in a dream, once while on Aya. I've also experienced some form of telepathy, like being on the same wavelength as others and thinking about or saying what others were thinking about or were about to say. But precognition, seeing into the future, a lot more interesting imo.
RoundAbout said:
It certainly would be exciting if it was replicable.

Did you watch the documentary? The tests they conducted showed consistent results. In fact, they found that each person had their own individual patterns that appeared in the water, on multiple occasions.

What added validity to the tests had to do with the man who was doing the research. He's a well known Nobel Laureate. When he decided to do this research after he won the Nobel, there were some critics amongst his peers. They saw it as quackery and not worth his time. However, his research has revealed quite a lot about water. In particular, how charged water has proven highly beneficial in industry. Bakers who use this water find the quality of the bread they bake is far better, plus the bread stays fresher for longer. In other industries where they have had corrosion in their pipes previously, now the problem is non-existent simply because of the quality of the water they use.

There's water in our bodies all right,but mostly blood flowing in our veins. You can see them.

They're playful in how they mirror your emotions. To the beat of the heart. Seeing yourself through them.

So they see you
Well, there was something implied about entities and their ways of communication in my previous message but in the one before i also stated my thoughts on telepathy.

However, this does makes me thing of shiatsu/reiki kind of things where you pass your hands on someone else's body. If blood flows varies between people depending on their emotional state, there's most likely an effect by putting two liquid flowing differently next to each other. Maybe the effect is extremely pronounced with a body that is similar to yours and decrease - or at least changes in nuance and range - with less and less antropolooking people. We can surely feel, if we are to focus, that depending on the soil we walk on we can feel very differently, more or less grounded. In the same sense, you feel differently if you stand under branches or a roof of concrete and polished stone. Realizing forest are literally veins popping from the ground in every possible way, forming palaces of pumping wonders, each with a unique expression, surely was, and still is, very amusing and joyful.

The wonders of gravity

"There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

So true. And, that's merely from a human perspective. Now, imagine you're a cell that lives in our body. As far as it is concerned, you are its universe. It can't imagine anything beyond this. This means that for all we know, our universe could be located in the toe of an alien's foot. Or, worse, its butt. 😉

Below is an excerpt from the excellent BBC documentary, Secret Universe: Inside the Cell. I have long been a fan of science fiction. No science fiction I've ever watched or read has come close to showing a bizarre universe like the actual one that exists in our own bodies.

I realize this has gone off-topic slightly. All the same, I believe we should address the OP's question with a wider perspective. If there is an answer, it can't be a simple one. For all we know, it's the little dudes that are currently busy working in our body who are instrumental in giving us telepathy, no different to the people who build and launch the satellites that give us global coverage on our iPhones and internet, which is a form of telepathy when you think about it. Yes, it does have a midi-chlorian vibe. That said, my opening line says it all.


On the topic of water, microtubules are exciting structures:
Microtubules are part of the cytoskeleton, a structural network within the cell's cytoplasm. The roles of the microtubule cytoskeleton include mechanical support, organization of the cytoplasm, transport, motility and chromosome segregation. In developing neurons microtubules are known as neurotubules,[22] and they can modulate the dynamics of actin, another component of the cytoskeleton.[23]
Water channel inside microtubule does a mysterious job that enables microtubules with 40,000 tubulins to demonstrate conductivity 1000 times more than the single tubulin protein. Moreover, the fundamental energy levels of single tubulin and microtubule are identical, and microtubule works as octave musical string.
Atomic water channel controlling remarkable properties of a single brain microtubule: Correlating single protein to its supramolecular assembly
The above quote with mention of modulating Actin jumped out at me concerning:
downwardsfromzero said:
I've found meditating with trees to be interesting with respect to telepathy. Their roots plug into the rocks and water of the Earth - not to mention the subterranean mycosphere. It's all connected, a natural planetary interwebs.
There is something known as the actin-auxin oscillator in plants which is part of the mechanics of its root/stem growth which leads me to:
On the basis of the described results, we suggest that the extremata in the lunisolar tidal force profile function as exogenous oscillatory timing devices for the roots of A. thaliana . This device comes into play whenever light/dark or temperature entrainment signals are weak or absent. This oscillator could be a result of the relative motions of Earth and Moon during their passage around the Sun, which thereby provides a back‐up clock for the modulation of root elongation.
Arabidopsis thaliana root growth kinetics and lunisolar tidal acceleration
“Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots.”
― Rumi
The link to the moon is fascinating; however, I feel I have digressed.

You have to ask yourself:
Do you believe in telepathy?
I can feel something inside me say
I really don't think you're strong enough, noooo
I overlooked to mention this documentary about water. Again, it appears to be off-topic. However, I think it is relevant because we are mostly made of water.

I read a book by Ingo Swann. It's called Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy. Comprises 2 parts, one of which is a real good essay on telepathy.

People have been assuming it's radio transceiver thing. But it can also be an iceberg idea. Personally I think the iceberg idea is better.
Well I would add that one has to determines what is body language and what is more"telepathic", meaning reading ideas from the spiritsphere, the vast information ocean.

So like,to take back some of the exemples here, if your partners cheated on you and you find it out, chances are also that the behavior changes, and this body language, or him / her giving you presents for no reason ( like to pay back a debt ) or ignoring you and spending time on phone etc... shows you something changed.
Like "two persons argued in a room and stopped cause they see you're coming, and you feel theatmostphere tense" well of course poeple often lets intention squite clear, and while they do'nt verbalize something, you know they dislike you or just have trouble with each other. For me those exemples are justbody language, andanimals generally do'nt use verbs to talk but they communicate this way. Thankfully,you can see someone or animal wants to pee,to drink,to eat,or wants a hug... Or wantsyou to leave him alone without telling you.Ifyou had pet or children yopu'll problaly know this isn't telepathy but a form of communication that requires you to take care and not just wait to get written or vocal instructions...

Then sometimes, we are just logic and can predict the end of the sentence someone is starting. I used to to be good at that and some poeple nearly freaked out, but in fact, they even develloped it more or less finely in texting applications now, you can start a sentence and predict the rest.

Also we can be many to have the same idea or invention,thatdoesn't mean someone spied on you, but its just many have the same ideas, for exemple, in myt youth there were no mountain bikes yet, I never saw any where I lived, nor an advert etc.. But we had BMX bikes and some had racing bike, justlogically at 6 I thought what is good for BMX is the wheels all grounds quality and racing bikes have speeds, if we combine the type of structure and wheels with tyres of a BMX with the racing bikes speed, we will have a good bike.
Few years laters I start seeing mountain bikes.
I bet we have been many to thinkthisand one went on work on this anddo a patent and comercialize or sell the idea to bike makers. This is just the way we use our mind for creative thoughts, we aren't that different.
Now I also had more striking and very intricate "synchronicities" or very precise visions, but same, as wecannotreplicate at will. It is hardto proove anything orthinkit is suggestion.
But I see we can use"our third eye" or I do'nt know invisible language of intentions I'd say. thats why you feel it when someone looks at you with insistance or think about you andyou call him or getthe call or theperson you watch from behind suddenly turn around and look at you straight in the eyes. This seems very obvious it is as your"sight of them" touched them.
I've always found this interesting phenomena,poeple notice but can't explain but usually do'ntwantto believe in telepathy or forms of invisible communication to the senses.
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