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Does anyone else have weird/uncomfortable experiences with shrooms?

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So I've done shrooms about 8 or 9 times, and each time I have had an experience that was not exactly bad, but not particularly good, and definitely uncomfortable. The trips are always accompanied by quite a high amount of anxiety, which comes during the peak and is only physical. I don't tend to have feelings of existential dread that are common to bad trips. Physically, I feel a feeling of heaviness in my body that makes me want to lay down and do nothing, but my muscles get quite agitated which makes me want to get up and pace the floor. Emotionally, I find myself feeling more confusion than anything, I don't have those life-changing, religious experiences that most people have. I see the world as sharper and more geometrical, and the hallucinations look almost eerie to me. Especially in the outdoors. I know many people like doing shrooms in nature but I personally hate the way nature looks on shrooms. I've tried a couple of different dosages, and several methods of ingestion and pretty much every time I get the same results (obviously with varying degrees of intensity)
I also use other psychedelics quite regularly and almost always have breathtakingly beautiful experiences.
I keep using them a.) in hopes that I might have the kind of trip other people say they have on shrooms, but mostly b.) because even though the trips aren't very enjoyable, it seems like they shake my brain up in a way that when I come down, I feel 'reset' emotionally. I don't know how to explain it other than that.
It's also probably worth noting that I really enjoy the comeup and the afterglow. The physical euphoria on the comeup is unparalleled to me, and it's during the afterglow that most of my thinking happens and the new perspectives on various aspects of my life come in. During the trip my thinking patterns are often so disrupted I can't understand my own thoughts. I think this is where the 'reset' feeling comes from.
Every time I've done shrooms they've come from the same source. They're cyans. Could this be impacting the trip? Are cyans more likely to cause anxiety than other species? Any recommendations for having better trips?
Perhaps try out Psilohuasca, mixing the Shrooms with Syrian Rue, or B. Caapi, or purified Harmalas, in my limited experience with Shrooms, as well as 4-ACO-DMT so far, i think i prefer them better mixed with Harmalas/Rue (haven't tried them with B. Caapi yet). it's more "huasca" like and lasts about 9 to 12 hours or so when properly potentiated, and the nature of the experience seems a bit more Entheogenic.

As for not having a mystical experience or what not, i think some of it has to do with needing to guide the experience into certain directions (like with some good music for example), or you need a bit of experience before you get to have certain experiences, idk. I've tried Shrooms, as well as 4-ACO-DMT, with and without Harmalas a few times so far but i'm by far way more experienced with oral DMT which is my preferred. Most of everything i've experienced Psychedelic-wise has come from oral DMT, so far LSD, Shrooms, and 4-ACO-DMT just really haven't given me much but i hear the more you work with it the more unfolds , which was certainly the case for me with oral DMT.
Are you consuming dry mushrooms? How high of a dose have you taken?

For the physical symptoms have you tried a filtered tea among your administration methods?

I don't have experience with cyans. Trying different varieties may help you find less discomfort, but I'm not sure.
Perhaps you are generally more sensitive to shrooms.

Each psychedelic's mechanism of action, will no doubt have a counter effect in the body, whereby an aspect of normal function is shut down temporarily to enable enough energy become diverted into processing the medicine.
If it happens that your own normal homeostasis, is already working with a different balance than most persons's homeostasis, in the part of the physiology which shuts down, that could be causing hyper-sensitivity.
By "cyans", are you referring to Psilocybe cyanescens or Panaeolus cyanescens? I assume the former but would be good to know. Individuals do vary in how they react to mushrooms, and myself and many others have noted consistent differences in experiential qualities associated with different species. Also some people seem to suffer more physically from ingesting mushrooms than others. I think it would be worthwhile ingesting a different batch and/or species of mushrooms to see if that changes things, otherwise as Loveall suggests, ingesting your mushrooms in the form of tea may make things easier on your system, so that's probably worth a try as well.
similar thing is happening with me and i am using homegrown p.cubensis, in all my trips i had high anxiety amounts and physical discomfort but also deep existential dread and disturbing visions that are hard to accept, i literally feel like i'm dying every time. even though they are not as intense as oral DMT trips i had but they were much harder to accept and ride through, the certainty and clarity i feel on DMT is replaced with confusion and fear on shrooms. even small doses are doing this to me.
as you describe the comeup is quite amazing but for me after the comedown i feel shaken to the core and destroyed but later the next days i feel generally better.
i think the reason it's like this for me is because i am in a bad phase of my life now and shrooms are trying to teach me truths that are personal and hard to accept, so i am unable to handle both my life and shrooms now. gonna lay it aside for now and maybe revisit after a year or so.
I have always experienced some period of psychological "harrowing" at the beginning of a mushroom experience, and I've always considered it an intrinsic part of the experience, being quite cleansing and (forgive me) "shamanic"… until a month or so ago, when I made my first ever tea, as opposed to eating the fruiting bodies.
A rather different experience, with very little rocky come up. Much smoother. More like taking "drugs".
I'm not sure if this is relevant to your case.
I'm not sure if it is relevant to my own case, either, in the long run, as I find the mild violence of the early part of an eaten mushroom trip quite valuable.
Harmala pre-dose, modest MJ(sativa v indica) or low dose benzo(@2.5mg diazepam) may help some with the rough edged, ragged feel of shrooming. As to the lack of "entheogenesis", double the dose, if you dare. Confusion, dumbfoundedness and downright psychotomimesis is baked in the cake, particularly with heavy duty "natural" psychedelic delivery modalities, ie, fungal mass, traditional aya/anahuasca or cactus munching.

hello 😁
some of these uncomfortable situations are lessons ime, for example i was absolutely breathing wrong, and learned that by having a lot of difficulty breathing on shrooms, and until i fixed it (stopped getting in the way of my own breathing, to a degree) everything changed, all sorts of fogs were gone and i wouldn't feel out of place

some other things are also lessons, auto-pilot mode for example, the ability to let your body function automatically while you trip, this is done with the mushroom (the ability to be venturing internally and externally simultaneously)

there are other things too, it begins to reveal to you the surge of energy (muscles and neurons engaging each other) and where you are blocking these, whether by mental or physical means these are blocked, one must go about elevation of them to find greater ease and clarity in life
i find a lot of matters while tripping are matters of everyday life, i was shown how my body needed to uptake martial arts again and if not i would always be bothered while tripping

with shroomhuasca its different, at least ime, the mushroom alone is very wild and active and the harmalas balance and ground that quality into something nurturing, something that can stand itself rather, it really is a learning curve and things change fundamentally as the learning goes on

the wood loving psilocybes are richer in BAEOCYSTIN, so that might be your extra body-high, with cubensis you don't usually get it ( i walk for many miles on a shroomhuasca trip, it seems to be the most natural way to maintain the journey)
Bancopuma said:
By "cyans", are you referring to Psilocybe cyanescens or Panaeolus cyanescens?.

I'm talking about psilocybin cyanescens.

Loveall said:
Are you consuming dry mushrooms? How high of a dose have you taken?
Dry. I've taken doses as low as 2g and as high as 5g.

Loveall said:
have you tried filtered tea among your administration methods?
Yes, I've also tried eating them and most recently the Lemon Tek method. I should note that I don't get nausea or stomachaches even from eating them. I was under the impression that the tea was supposed to reduce gastrointestinal distress. Is it supposed to help with muscle tension as well?

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! I'm starting to think that maybe some of the discomfort is coming from the shrooms not "meeting my expectations", so to speak. its quite possible that I'm subconsciously trying to control the trip and form it in to something that's i expect it to be. I'm going to continue practicing meditation and come back to them when I've practiced letting go a bit. I'll probably try psilohuasca too and see if that helps at all. Perhaps a trip that's not so strange and fast paced and jumbled will help reveal my unconscious intentions that could be interfering?
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