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Seems there are a few threads with various edible questions floating around, and no butter recipe thread! I find this to be the easiest and most simple method for making edibles at home from plant matter:

This is an extremely easy and time tested cannabis butter recipe designed to leave you with a pound of infused butter. Typically I will cut the pound into quarters and freeze them individually, wrapped in wax paper, and use them as-needed for whatever given recipe I want to infuse. The idea here is to simply make good tasting infused butter and then use that butter to cook anything.

For the recipe you will need:
7-28 grams dried cannabis plant matter - I always recommend using trim, larf, or shake over big beautiful buds, but use what you want and what you have available. The potency and quality of your plant matter will impact the potency and quality of your butter. This recipe is designed for use with dried and cured plant matter - no freshly harvested buds! I personally enjoy using less pot and always shoot for the 7 gram mark because I like eating delicious baked goods. Higher amounts of pot will yield a stronger butter which means eating less to obtain the desired effect. If you want an edible you can snack on freely without ending your day prematurely, dose low. If you want to eat a corner of a cookie and be set for the next six hours, go high.​
1 pound of butter (usually 4 sticks)
Medium - large sauce pot
Cookie sheet and aluminum foil
Cheese cloth
Large Pyrex dish with lid, I recommend a circular one
First we need to decarboxylate our plant matter, which will make it available to us orally. We are essentially heating up the THCA and converting it into orally available Delta9-THC.
Heat your oven to 240F and line your cookie sheet with aluminum foil. Pinch at the foil a little bit to give it some texture to discourage your plant matter from sticking. Grind your pot and spread it evenly across the foil-lined sheet. Place it in the oven on the middle rack and let it bake for 35 minutes. Your place will get smelly. If discretion is a concern, consider this before beginning. There may be some fumes from any moisture leaving the plant matter, especially if you used buds - don't worry, this is normal. Smoke is not normal, however. If your oven has bad hotspots this could happen, but pretty unlikely.

Now that the compounds in our plant matter are orally active, we can infuse our butter. Start by boiling water in your sauce pot - one cup for each stick (or 1/4lb) of butter. For this recipe use 4 cups of water (950ml). Once the water begins to boil, reduce the heat to medium-low and add your butter. Once the butter is completely melted in the water, add all of your decarboxylated plant matter. Let the mixture gently simmer on medium-low for 90 minutes, stirring occasionally. There should be bubbles gently rising to the top, but the mixture should not be actively boiling. When the 90 minutes is finished, line your pyrex with cheesecloth. Using a large rubber band to hold it steady at the top can be very helpful if you don't have an extra set of hands to help you here. While the mixture is still warm, pour it through the cheese cloth, filtering out all of the plant matter. Be careful, as the plant matter and water/butter mixture will still be hot!!!! Try not to burn yourself :) Hoist up your dank cheesecloth sack of soggy weed and press it with a metal spoon against the side of the bowl to get any remaining butter to run out. Once adequately drained, you can toss the cloth and plant matter.

Put the lid on your Pyrex and place the filtered (and still warm) water/butter mixture into the fridge. Leave it alone over night. The cannabinoids will all hang on to the butter, which will rise to the top and harden over night, and all of the chlorophyll and other sources of unpleasant flavors will hang on to the water. The result - delicious golden infused butter. Use a butter knife to slip along the edge of the hardened disc of butter and pop it out and off of the water - don't worry if you make a little splash. Set your one pound butter disc on to some wax paper and cut it into 4ths - each 4th of the disc is one stick of butter. Wrap each quarter in wax paper and place it in a freezer bag. Keep it frozen until you are ready to bake or cook with it. It's important that you freeze it, and not simply refrigerate it, as infused butter is keen to mold.

And that's it! You did it!! Now eat and enjoy. The butter is infused, so you can truthfully even just eat it alone like an animal if you really want to. Avoid heating the butter excessively for whatever recipe you use it in. I find it does fantastic in most baked goods. Remember that edibles typically take about two hours to reach their full effect :)
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