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Emotional trip?

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How ye giettin on, i been reading alot on this forum and finaly extracted some dmt, and had my firts 2 trips tonight, not sure if i broke through or was stuck maybe someone more experienced can make heads or tails of it

First trip

It's hard to describe where i was, i was in a world full of patterns and there was a feeling of a female presence there of some sort, somewhere during the trip i started breaking myself laughing and crying uncontrollably. Its hard to describe the feeling as i couldnt tell i was happy or sad but i was in absolute stiches laughing. It was hard to concentrate on what was happening with closed eyes as my body laughing was such a distraction. I did feel a sense of uphoria at one point that i never felt before. My brother was in the room and he was in stiches laughing at me too and i could hear hear him and sometimes see him,

At one point closer to end of this, i asked for the bong again wanting more, i was still tripping at that point, and got anothet glipse of same place and feelings.

After coming back down and realising i didnt break through i went again in about 20 minutes with a higher dose.

Trip 2,

after 2nd hit i was out. I dont remember much from the begining of the trip or weather there was a tunnel or not, but have a feeling or traveling maybe? All I remember was being in a more vivid pattern world sort of yellow red. I didn't have a body and couldnt concentrate on a whole lot just the patterns were constantly changing and i couldnt focus in on them, again here i felt like my body was a distraction, i was nearly chockin on all these emotions and panting for air in this state, my legs were sort of swaying at times and i had a sense i had legs some where very far from where i was. The breathing and panting due to the emotional overload is the only way i can describe it distracted me alot. Coming back down was same as last trip i just wanted more and to stay there longer but not laughing this time.

Can anyone make sense of this or shed some light on weather i broke through or what may have stopped me or some explanation of where i was?

I defo wasnt in space but this mad patterned world fighting these feeling and my shortness of breath. I wouldnt say it was a bad trip or experience just no idea what to make of it?
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