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First breakthrough using an ecig - changes everything

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Edit: I've changed my opinion on this. It works so if you want to try it I'd suggest a stronger mix than I did and use a dripping atomiser if you want more reliable breakthroughs - the reason I'm ditching this however is that after steeping a while the juice stinks as in smells really horrible. Even with flavouring which makes it even more sickly. I also found this smell would cling to me, it was in my breath, on my clothes, in my hair and people started asking questions

I felt like a skunk :(

I'll probably carry on reading the updates on the main ecig thread but for now I'm back to the machine or my silver surfer when my dedicated whip arrives


After wasting loads of my precious stash burning it up in my various attempts at making machine style pipes I decided to try the ecig route. I use them anyway, I started in 2009 so have witnessed their development from poor cigarette imatations to the variable watt, volt and temp boxes we have now. Plus the tanks available now have evolved phenomenally.

Anyway, I decided to get a new setup at Christmas and wasn't intending to use it for DMT. I just wanted a nice new mod to use. I bought this kit. It's pricey but the build quality is amazing. It's lovely to hold in the hand and comes with an excellent tank that you can fill from the top with a needle tip bottle. I went for the brass finish and it's a thing of beauty :)


All that's missing is the battery. I mix my own eliquids so I have all the glycols already so I decided to do a 1:6 ratio mix. It's flavoured with caramel, vanilla and menthol. I also used a very small amount of whiskey to help start dissolving the DMT first. It's a flavour I use every day with my nicotine mixes. I use the whiskey to thin out my VG a bit in my normal nicotine mix. I call it dirty menthol.

So after loading the tank I left everything at the default settings with the preinstalled coil. There are two other coils included that I've yet to try. So I took about five or six long steady lung inhales in quick succession and BOOM! I was hurtling through a space that is almost impossible to describe. Morphing fractal landscapes, colours I didn't know existed. The two entities I experienced on sub breakthrough doses were with me, it felt like they were showing me around their home. And blimey, what a home it is. The most incredible visions I've had on any psychedelic.

I'll probably still try changa but the ecig method is my go to device now. I heartily recommend it to anyone struggling with vaping freebase with a jet lighter. There's no waste, I personally find the vapour easy to inhale. The menthol helps with that a lot. It really is a great delivery method in my opinion. I wasted so much material getting to this point but now I'm definitely a convert to the ecig method. The kit I used seems very well suited to delivering what you need. Give it at try if you're finding other methods tricky. This kit makes the whole process so easy, discrete and mind blowing :)

To make the mix I used a wide neck jar. I added a ml of whiskey and about half a gram. I used an aerolatte milk frothed to mix things up and break the clumps.

I then added 2ml of PEG400 and the other half gram and whisked again.

I then topped up with PG and VG at about 80/20 ratio. Plus the flavourings. I gave it a final whisk and then decanted into a needle top bottle which I sat in a heat bath for a while given it a shake every now and again.

The mix ended up perfectly clear. It tastes lovely and really does the job!
I've not used the glass Sherlock so that's hard to say. I wouldn't mind trying it and maybe I will get one eventually. I do have a normal vapor genie though and I much prefer the ecig to that. I still managed to burn material with it. I'm not very proficient with using the lighter correctly. I have parasthesia in my hands; not a good mix with flames! From what I can tell though, if you have the technique nailed the Sherlock would get you on your way a lot more swiftly. The ecig requires more inhales and it creeps up on you.

I do have a silver surfer though and some liquid pads so I might get a new whip for the DMT and give that a go. I would imagine that would get you there quickly as well.

For now though the ecig is the way forward for me.
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