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First Experience

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Rising Star
(mind)Set: Mostly relaxed, slightly anxious.
(physical condition) Set: Healthy.
Setting (location): My friend's room.
time of day: 7:00 PM
recent drug use: Cannabis, Pslicobyn Mushrooms (3.5g 10 or so days prior)
last meal: Pizza

Gender: m
body weight: 70 kg
known sensitivities: none
history of use: First time


Substance(s): Freebase DMT
Dose(s): 40mg
Method of administration: vaporized (conduction)


Administration time: T= 7:00 PM
Duration: ~20 minutes
First effects: Immediately after administration
Peak: Within 1-2 minutes of administration
Come down: ~12 minutes after administration
Baseline: ~40 minutes after administration

Intensity (overall): 2
Evaluation / notes: I did not hold in my second hit long enough and there was a small amount of precipitation in the glass (maybe 5mg as a very rough estimate).

Pleasantness: 4
Unplesantness: 0
Visual Intensity: 2


Hangover: 1
Afterglow: 1


I had some issues extracting, but I came up with 40mg of slightly yellowish clear crystals from a full evaporation of the naphtha. I loaded it up in a quartz banger.

The room was well lit and fairly cold. I put on Wings for Marie from Tool's 10,000 days at a comfortable volume. My two friends and I proceeded to smoke a large bowl; my thinking being that I would rather have a fuzzy trip than go in with nerves. I sat down on the floor with a pillow and blanked ready (below freezing out and the window is open). My friend held the piece and I started heating the nail from underneath with a windproof lighter just as 10,000 days came on. After two big hits (a largely uneventful process) almost all the spice was vaporized.

Some mild visuals started, getting more and more intense. Everything looked like it was made up of little red, green, and yellow bits that were moving around and vibrating. The wood grains on a nearby table were shimmering and blatantly moving around. I said "neat" just before I forgot how to speak, leaned back against my friend's giant stuffed moose (similar to a teddy bear) and was startled by the sight of my own arm. I had forgotten that I had a body! I closed my eyes and was in a completely different place.

I was a liquid, with no eyes but I knew it was dark. It was a comfortable, relaxing dark though. I was flowing, in some sort of contraption with more of the same liquid. The other liquid wasn't me though, I perceived myself as a specific volume in the larger body. The flowing and environment were changing with the music. After a while of this it occurred to me how to open my eyes. My surroundings looked pretty much as I had left them with mild visuals; it didn't feel real though, almost like I was watching real life on television. I closed my eyes and was again in a different place, but I don't remember it too well, it's just fuzzy. As the song came to an end I opened my eyes and was relatively back to normal.

All throughout (except near the beginning) I remember I was very relaxed and felt very comfortable with everything that was going on, but my memory is fuzzy. It is also quite possible that I invented some of the details after the fact.

I have one more 60mg dose ready to go. I'm planning on not smoking any weed beforehand this time.

The quartz banger is a temporary solution but works pretty well. I'm ordering a couple ceramic pads which will hopefully make things easier.


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