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First post: 14 dried grams in CO(The Experience the led me to DMT)

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Hello All,

I just joined yesterday and have some catch up posting i guess. So I'm going to start with the experience that led me to Spice and roll from there.

It all started after a realization while I was working in the Rocking Mountains of CO. Working construction there gave my as much alone, nature time that I wanted. A perfect conductor for my personally to promote growth. I eventually found a reliable friend on the topic of the fungus. After reading The Archaic Revival By Terrence McKenna I found certain quotes interesting, Like for starters, "If you want to unlock the true potential of pcilycibin, ingest 14 dried grams." I've ate a quarter in the past and never got the visuals like I did with earlier personal LSD experiences, but always a better understanding of the truth. So, after packing up the truck and setting out with an ounce and a half of dried fungi into the horizon of the Western Slope, we set off to the White River National Forest to spend the weekend.

We had arrived right on time as always. Driving through the winding roads to the entrance of the park stand these steep cliffs on both sides that seemed to dance around each other ever so closer, almost touching and then suddenly they separate into the wild of the Rockies. We stumbled about, driving past the rock climbers and park rangers to find a 4x4 road, With the urge to push any boundary out of our way we of course choose to not be around the "Easy-to-Access" area and flee upwards and away from the families of everyday man escaping the troubles of the inner city. As we followed this unknown road the continues to split the mountain tops in front of us we come to a clearing. After idling up the mountain road for forty minutes the sky pierced the swaying canopy. There was an silence, an unspoken understanding that this is where we would stay for the duration.
Brakes were pressed, doors opened without closing as keys were left in the ignition. Hands danced around frantically grabbing random objects that seemed to fly across the air only to be caught at the last second. Instantly the items appeared to assemble themselves spontaneously, numerous objects formed in front of our eyes to make larger representations of themselves. Deep Breathe... Camp was made.
After getting used to the surroundings i couldn't wait any longer. I grabbed my bag with the 42 grams of dried fungi. I recycled our soda cans into aluminum half-stature holy grails. I passed out the spores. Mind Over Matter definitely comes into play when your trying not to throw up your holy sacrament before it enters your blood stream. (I personally can say that the amount I ingested is my physical consuming limit as of yet.) We gather in our chairs, awaiting the slow and eager climb to our residual peak to follow. After thirty minutes of watching the arraignment of clouds and the contrasting difference to the white barked Aspen trees,
rain began to fall. As i felt the rain cleansing my spirit it was yet another symbolic gesture to ease my lingering of thought. Blake calls from the truck urging us to get inside before the rest of the storm hits, I calm myself and presume to walk the distance. We hop inside and file through the cd collection, Phish's Farmhouse always has a good essence of mood to it, so Blake throws it in. After a few tracks Matt joins us and insist that there's something weird about the only other vehicle that is in viewing distance. I continue to stretch out in the back seat following the lyrics as i close my eyes and bury my head into the soft creases of the bench seat. As auras of notes formed meta-pixel images of pure intense energy, I couldn't speak... the fear of me even speaking of such visions threatened to lose them at the seams. I said nothing and continued to embrace the moment until i slowly drifted off. Matt questions if im even awake, I hear his voice and pull myself back into existence to answer him. He looks in my direction and his eyes are black and deep... and then they get bigger as his face isolates momentary movement. "They have guns!" Matt abruptly raised his voice. "What?!" I looked back through the window and see hunters coming from the forest.. I grab my reasoning and utter... Well they aren't coming over here are they? I put my head back into the seat and wait for them to leave.. Time seem to dissolve as we all fall silent to emphatic enigmas. I held my concentrated thoughts towards my lack of spiritual heart felt enthuse towards the Christian Faith... "You either with us or against us..." mentality suggesting that even the innocent that haven't heard the works of Jesus would then be unable to proclaim him as their savior and thus miss out on a heaven. Also i had an inner knowing that man isn't supposed to live as we continue to do so. Imagine this if you will... "I saw that everything was everything as a ball of a universal variety of complexities taking shape in a Mega-Planet of rotating information, As the planet formed and took shape it continued to plummet down a immense worm hole encrusted with hieroglyphs, The planet now reveals the cinematography of the start of man and spiritual insights on how it branched from the beginning. The entire existence of man rolled film in front on my eyes in a big mind zoomed out level with images of event's peaks and falls and then rebirth. everything was everything for about 2 hours and then a sudden black. I was left with the raw data truth to understand from a neutral position. I seamlessly accepted the truth as fact and came to terms with the acts that have transpired. The spoken reflection afterward was of peaked excitement for what we all confronted in our deep inner selves. Simply as that, no words can describe the energy that erupted from us three taking turn listening and speaking our visions into existence....
After this experience and reflection I returned to my books in between work and sleep and my new hunger was that of an awaken appetite. Knowledge can only sustain me in this essence of multipositioning existence. A friend shows me his book DMT: The Spirit Molecule By Dr Rick Strassman. The next eight months i studied the book front and back and yearned for more, knowing that DMT would be the most suitable candidate.



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Thanks for sharing that! Beautiful pics too!..and 14 grams!! I am comming down from 2.5 grams and even that blew me away..I hope I get the balls to eat that much one day!..I cant even imagine what that would be like.. I ate 6-7 grams once.. ..and only once!

Fantastic post.

"They have guns!" Matt abruptly raised his voice. "What?!" I looked back through the window and see hunters coming from the forest..

Mate, congratulations- that event would have thrown me to paranoid city on just half your dose of shrooms!:twisted:

Thanks for sharing.
Thanks Guys, im glad you liked it. Even though my writing style is a lil long, i try to convey the entire set, setting and my prepared psyche that i had when i went in... Yeah i can't believe i remembered to take pics from my phone when i was warming up but im glad i found them. They are from the actual day of the trip. On the panoramic shot with Matt and the truck in it... you can see the hunter's lil subuaru.. We thought pulling up they would be hikers.. not gun toting orange beings... even on this physical realm.
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