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Float Tanks

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Bancopuma said:
Cool dream...it is funny how often that experience of merging with white light appears, in all manner of different practices, seems to be one of those core, universal human experiences long reported by the mystics. Float sessions are pretty expensive here in the UK and float tanks are few and far between, so slightly longer term I'm looking into making or buying my own, I'm kinda up for making it a part of my life and already have some experiments in mind! 8)

And yeah I've already got my eye on the Aurora, I have it bookmarked for a future purchase, looking forward to having a play with that!!
I pay 70€ for an hour and this excludes the travel expenses to the big city (6 hours forth & back). But it's grounding regarding two reasons:

a) you know what it's like - reading a study about psychedelics and taking them are two different pairs of shoes. The same applies to floating.
b) you may overthink your investment building your own. Either delaying it or speeding it up. The second experience curbed my enthusiasm. :p

Not that I'd like to have my own. But I doubt the cost/benefit ratio. A kick-ass massage chair in a quiet room is probably as effective as a float tank. Maybe add a mind machine to the bill and the balance sheet is still in favor of the chair (my subjective n=2 view).
adam said:
I have dosed and floated several times, but ime it has been the best on the comedown of intense journeys.

I only have a handful of floats under my belt, but IME the one at the tail end of an acid trip I had was the most profound. However, I can imagine if I had done a 4 hour float sober, it could easily be on par with it.
Thanks to Rising Spirit for that report and all who contributed.

Great Read!!

I suppose Im quite lucky as there is a float tank near me that does 10 hours for €150. And then you can have an hour or an hour and a half etc, whatever you like.

Im gonna try this soon on shrooms - Can't wait! Although I think I'll start with a fairly low/medium dose of psilocybin as I'm already quite sensitive in that Floating state. :)

John C Lilly's books are great - Especially his autobiography "The Scientist"

Also Michael Hutchinson's The Book of Floating; Exploring the Private Sea is really good too.
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