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Hand Grip Strength, already million years in us?!

Migrated topic.
That was a nice joke but if you read these studies that I'm going to post Friedrich Nietzsche's nihilism will be way more attractive for you:
= Support for religio‐political aggression among teenaged boys in Gaza: Part II: Neuroendocrinological findings

AND A STUDY OF HARVARD THAT WILL hopefully let you realize that we are still mammals and we really should do something about it before 2017 is even worse than 2016.

= The interaction of testosterone and cortisol is associated with attained status in male executives.
matthias10000 said:
AND A STUDY OF HARVARD THAT WILL hopefully let you realize that we are still mammals and we really should do something about it before 2017 is even worse than 2016.

Whether we realise that we are still mammals or not, I don't see that there is very much we can do about it.
In the first paper in the OP, the apparent notions of what constitutes masculinity as conveyed by the authors seem very blinkered. Maybe I need to measure my grip strength or something?
1ce said:
Anything anti-churchlike is probably a step in the right direction.

:twisted: Let's burn'em down! :twisted:


Here's an interesting study correlating testosterone effect with status enhancement/decrease

And an article offering a theory on why cortisol levels may be low in agressive high-T individuals

Status-menancing situations can be stressing, releasing cortisol to suppress testosterone effect while also providing some energy to the individual, allowing him to seek alternatives or to repeat the same mistakes untill he crashes and burns

By the way, althought I dont think it would make much practical difference, I see something in that study relating executives x testosterone levels that bothers me a little. The study autors state they would consider the subjects as top executives by the number of subordinates they have under their control. Dealing with so many subordinates are more of a role to supervisors and managers from the operational level in the organization. Top executives might be considered more or less successful by the weight their actions have on the corporative processes and final results. I dont think the final conclusions of the study would be much different nonetheless..
I believe that behavioral/biological/genetical sciences about how humans think/act lies at the root of all problems in society. Despite our consciousness (and maybe BECAUSE of our conscience) we try to deny/become uncomfortable when we hear that we´re nothing more than complex mammals.

The last sentence of your study about cortisol, Diazin, contains an interesting end sentence.
“We now have evidence that behavioural problems in children are linked to mental and physical health. Taking a ‘wait-and-see’ attitude may not be the right approach.”

I believe that every human should know as much as possible for why he behaves/feels a certain way. Some factors that determine how a person is/behaves:
- testosterone-cortisol ratio (is changeable)
- monoamine oxidase (is changeable))
- hand grip strength (is changeable)
- fluctuating asymmetry (is changeable)
- serotonin/DMT (read the study: Building alien worlds) (is changeable)
- 2D:4D (genetically determined)
- facial width-to-height-ratio (genetically determined, how much testosterone you are exposed to during puberty, which changes the shape of your face)

Nearly all the factors that I put here, are changeable but because most people don´t know these factors, they don´t change it and then your ´basic build` takes over and lets these factors be almost genetically determined (for example MAO/monoamine oxidase is about 84 percent genetically determined, but if you take MAO inhibitors, like I did (Nardil), your whole world view can change/your personality might even change a bit.

Some interesting studies about monoamine oxidase and what it does in our ´human` body:
Ovid: Welcome to Ovid WebLinkFrameset=1&S=OBOEFPLLPNDDMINONCHKPDDCNDPCAA00&returnUrl=ovidweb.cgi%3fMain%2bSearch%2bPage%3d1%26S%3dOBOEFPLLPNDDMINONCHKPDDCNDPCAA00&directlink=http%3a%2f%2fovidsp.tx.ovid.com%2fovftpdfs%2fFPDDNCDCPDNOPN00%2ffs047%2fovft%2flive%2fgv024%2f00006842%2f00006842-197903000-00002.pdf&filename=Platelet+Monoamine+Oxidase+Activity+Correlates+with+Social+Affiliative+and+Agonistic+Behaviors+in+Normal+Rhesus+Monkeys.&link_from=S.sh.22%7c1&pdf_key=FPDDNCDCPDNOPN00&pdf_index=/fs047/ovft/live/gv024/00006842/00006842-197903000-00002&D=ovft


I wish I could create an ovidsp account and read those studies, they seem quite interesting

I agree with what you said matthias, working on hormonal profile might yield better results than the ones obtained by our current psychiatric practices and their drugs for mental disorders/behavioural problems. This might even be enhanced further to be applied in other areas such as marketing, politics, public services. But a culture of such practice would have to take place, instead of law-enforcing people to undergo treatment or any like mechanism, or we would have our modern version of Huxley's Brave New World

My thougts went a bit far 😁
Diazin I´m happy that you´re one of the few who actually thinks about this stuff.
And yeah I agree it should happen peacefully (converting others peacefully), that´s why I spend a lot of the time on the internetfora and try to get my message to spread out to the ´masses of ignorant sheep who don´t want change because they´re secretly afraid of change and which role they would get in this new society`. I think reading about scientific studies about humans and taking DMT/ayahuasca is already a good start and I can only hope that one day every human on this earth will have access to these two important things (= a look into his own biology and maybe change it for the better + DMT/ayahuasca so that that person stays humble/spiritual with the people around him)

I have started a youtube-channel by the way where I´m going (yeah, really!) going to mold my ´pathetic self` into ´something` completely awesome! The reason that I spread my message via youtube is ´that the pen is mightier than the sword and one picture says more than a thousand words`

Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv95e4cXn_3E_0yVUl_j4IA
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