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Haramla extraction using D-Limo/FASA-or-FASW possible???

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I know there are some people that might see this as something kind of disrespectful, but I have been wondering about this for a few weeks now.

I have a jar of very strong Ayahuasca sitting in the back of my fridge & I was wondering if it would be possible to extract both the DMT alkaloids & the three Harmalas from the brew in one fail swoop.
The Aya in the fridge is about 6 doses, brewed with love & intent, in the classic fashion. Using B.Caapi, 5 doses worth of Chacruna, one dose worth of Chaliponga & a few drops of Florida Water added to each boiling. Mmmmm!

I'm really just wondering at this point, as I'm not sure I would even want to do this.
Especially on the brew I have in the jar. It's a bit special.😉
I'm not really asking opinions on whether it's "right" or not, just if it is feasible.

So is it even possible to pull out the entire mixture of MAOI's & Alkaloids with one extraction?
Could this be done using D-Limonene & either FASA, or FASW? As this does seem to pull the entire "Jungle Spice" alkaloid mixture from Mimosa, like Xylene does, but in a much nicer & more palatable way.

So how about Harmalas from Caapi or Rue, using D-Limo?
Has anybody given this a try yet?


As long as the harmalas don't degrade in limo I should think it would be ok...

Basify/pull with limo/ then fasa.

If anyone hasn't tried it's probably just the limonene that's casting doubts.

I've precipped fumerates of harmalas using acetone, though about 50% was red but maybe FASW would do the trick.
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