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hello fellow travelers

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Rising Star
I have joined this site to learn about the things that i love and that bring me so close to other plains of existence and to share my experience with others that observe through the legendary 3rd eye.
Welcome to the Nexus!

If you don't mind me asking, what are your favorite psychedelics and how have they influenced your life? Mine was mushrooms for the longest time, but as more time goes by I find DMT creeping up into my number one spot. Don't get me wrong, I love those mushies but there is just something about DMT...can't put a finger on it.

Psychedelics have enriched my life to the fullest, allowing me to learn and change things about myself I otherwise may have missed or not even cared about. Not only that but my enthusiasm for them brought me here, to the Nexus where we all share a similar outlook and passion.

Anyway, may you find everything you are seeking here!

Have a nice day!

-The Grateful One-
I am shifty. My main go to is Dmt so is my traveling partners shaggy he once told me Lsd is used to travel inside yourself and dmtIis used to travel beyond yourself idk about that because I started with dmt. I call it dimension mind traveling. Its enhanced my level of thinking to a complete different level.
ShaggynShifty said:
Im actually here with my partner shaggy he wants to know if you made it ti the last show grateful one

Unfortunately no but I will be seeing David Gilmour live in Chicago this coming April!

hey there - hello and welcome to the site! i look forward to your contributions, as i am always listening and reading to learn from others...

and, Grateful One - you are a David Gilmour fan as well? he is, by far, my favorite guitarist of all time. saw 5 shows on his last tour, for "On an Island"....flew to Europe to see 3 of them!

cheers everyone!
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