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Hey everyone!

Migrated topic.


Rising Star

I am a new member on the nexus, but have been a longtime observer. I'm eternally grateful for all of the knowledge and insight I've gained thus far, and hope to further expand that while giving back.

My goal of becoming a member here is to help expand upon my understanding of psychedelics, how they work in the brain, and how I can use that to better myself and the people I care about (pretty much everyone).
Also, quite honestly, I don't really have all that many close friends that use DMT, and I crave in depth discussion on it.

A bit about me:

I was raised in a highly religious home, The epitome of dogmatic. At a relatively young age, psychedelics incredibly helped to heal all of the traumas inflicted on my psyche due to that, and showed me that there is a world outside of all of it. They started me on my path to self discovery.
I'm vegan, animal loving, and try and follow the principal of Ahisma.

I'm a bicycle enthusiast, I make music, and I spin fire.

I'm looking forward to hopefully soon being able to contribute to the great conversation about the miracle of psychedelics and being able to further understand them.

Thanks for reading!
Hi Internal_light,

Welcome! As a long time lurker you already know you are in the right place to discuss all of the above. Your story resonates with me. Fundamentalist family, vegan and music lover. I think there are threads for all of those!

Look forward to hearing more from you and your take on hyperspace.

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