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Hey guys

Migrated topic.


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Hey guys. I am Reed. I have never done DMT, but extremely interested in it. I am doing psychonautics though for few years now. I am extremely interested in shadow self explorations, dark energies, metaphysics and ghosts. Magick as well. I hope I will find amount of common thinkers in this group :) I heard that DMT-nexus is a shadow group haha. Joking. Though a friend of my told me about this group, and I know magical properties of DMT, checked Terence Mckenna works and some other psychedelic pioneer works. It all connects to DMT in the end anyway, the spirit molecule. I am familiar with psychedelics by the way, but do not see psychedelic amount nor experience of the substance as important to spiritual works. It all comes naturally as I say.

Best regards, Reed.
Welcome to the forum, Reed!

You've definitely come to the right place for everything DMT related. The Neuxs is dedicated to accurate information and harm reduction including anything from trip reports to extraction techniques, and pretty much anything in between. Enjoy the forum and may you find what you are seeking here!

Have a good one!
Welcome to the nexus Reed!

Enjoy the information that's on the forum, and being part of the community. Great place to interact with like minded people :thumb_up:

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