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Heyo! Just thought I'd introduce myself.

Migrated topic.


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Okay fine, this is blatant self-promotion. But that's just 'cause I want to talk to you awesome people unfettered!

I used to be a total straightedge. Then I found weed, which led to morning glory, then acid, DMT and ayahuasca. I've quit the weed due to its potential for harming my undeveloped brain (I'm 18 ), but I've just grown more interested in psychedelics. For me, they have been extremely powerful healing tools which, with some commitment, have allowed me to lift myself out of depression and the PTSD brought about by an abusive household.

At first I found a community of psychonauts on the shroomery, but I noticed some very condescending, downright nasty stuff coming from a large portion of the community. A number of factors lead to my vacation of the shroomery, but the point is that I left. Now I'm looking for a new community of fellow explorers. Hopefully this one won't ostracize me for being trans; I've never seen a flame war on any of your threads, and the focus on good-natured talk is encouraging. Can't wait to meet you all.

Anyhow, hello again!

Hello and welcome to the Nexus!

No one here is going to ostracize you for being you and a flame war would get shut down pretty quickly by the MOD team. We all come from different walks of life including age, race, sex, religion, orientation, etc etc. But none of that really matters as we are all just humans searching for greater knowledge. As long as the rules and guidelines are followed, this is quite a pleasant place to be. I am also a member over at the shroomery but hardly ever visit due to (basically) the same reasons you stated above. But I'm not here to hate on another forum, I'm here to welcome you to this one! That being said, I hope you find what you are seeking here and that you have a blessed day!


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