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high yield from first pull, none from next

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Hey, quick question.
Would anyone have any suggestions if, from the first naptha pull from Noman's tek, close to 1g was obtained from 200g powdered bark, however subsequent pulls are turning up almost completely blank? In the past, I've continued to get yields up to the 4th, 5th, 6th etc pulls. Volumewise, it seems like this first pull had a good bit more than normal, so I don't know if it just got most of it out first shot, or what. Thanks in advance!
Phlux- said:
perhaps more lye must be added

thanks for the input. I was thinking that as well. I don't have any pH test strips. My acidity is based off of the ratio of water to lye from Noman's tek (I think I had 3L water/200g lye. I know that's not a very accurate method). Any suggestions on how much more lye to add? I'm thinking around 50g or so? thanks again
I'm not sure that more lye would help. Might just end up in your product.

Why not try heating your pulls in a hot-water bath in the sink while you agitate/let settle. Then maybe combine your pulls and evap before freeze precipitation.
^ Try heating it, as in the entire jug. I will put mine in a tub of hot water for 2+hrs after I can't get anymore at room temperature. Just remember that you will pull more oils by heating it up.

Also after the first pull you should drastically reduce the amount of naphtha you are using. For 200g bark no more than 100mL should do the trick. Otherwise you will have to evaporate most of your naphtha to get it to freeze preciptate.

You really shouldn't have to add more lye. As long as you are above a pH of 11.5 or so for an A/B and 12.5-13.5 for a STB you should be fine. Adding more lye at that point is really just a waste.
this is my first post on the nexus (although ill admit ive been lurking), and about a month ago SWIM successfully extracted 5g of slightly off-white DMT powder out of 1kg MHRB using vortex tech. SWIM did 5 pulls with naphtha and got about 4g from the first pull and only about 1g from the second, and none from the rest. im no expert but could it just be that the first pull worked phenomenally? from what i read, you average about 5g from a kilo right?
well yes its a reasonable yield, but considering its good rootbark one could increase it even more (nearly twice as much sometimes)..

Did you mix well the solve t, let separate, mix again and so on a few times for each pull?? Did you warm up the solvent in the second/third/fourth pulls? This is also recommended...
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