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How clean is Klean Strip Xylene

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If I were to do an evap test would it leave any residue, or would it evap totally clean, like no residue.

I know that xylene isn't 100% as it is a mix of all 3 isomers and mostly consists of ortho 1,2 xylene with some ethyl benzene.

I've read that it takes forever to evap and smells like trash.

I say this because the toluol I had acquired was listed as high purity on ebay. I opted for it as it was cheaper (mistake), I did an evap test with less than 5ml and it left some thin residue. I don't really want to buy any more solvents unless I know they will be clean.

I read about people using xylene on here, are people referring to Klean Strip or any other chem companies mix of the 3 isomers, or some pure isomer of xylene. I know its not the best but its readily available.

I believe I can speed up the process by freezing my would be xylene extract and letting the LSA precipitate out then syphon off the remaining xylene with a syringe, then evapping (save time).

I noticed that my LSA precipitated out in my frozen toluene extract, glowed bright white under blacklight, but I didn't syphon.

I also did an evap test afterwards, I know stupid and backwards which makes me skeptical in taking it, (I have not consumed and most likely wont.)

Sorry, this has been so long any feedback fom someone whos done an evap test on klean strip Xylene would be much appreciated.

If Klean strip is bunk, i'll stick a crowbar in my wallet and get some ACS reagent grade DCM which is available for purchase on ebay and amazon, it's also much cheaper than lab grade toluene as well.

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Here is the safety sheet:

Xylene (mixed isomers) {Benzene, dimethyl-}
60.0 -100.0 %

Ethylbenzene {Ethylbenzol; Phenylethane}
10.0 -30.0 %

Cumene {Benzene, 1-Methylethyl-;
0.1 -1.0 %

Looks like the only other component is Cumene which makes up only 0.1-1% "perhaps" because it says the main xylene component can account for up to 100%

You can see the toxicity of it here (assumed large ingestion) http://www.odh.ohio.gov/~/media/ODH/ASSETS/Files/eh/HAS/cumene.ashx

"Cumene would not be classified as a highly
toxic chemical."

I don't like xylene because like you say it takes so long to evap and smells horrendous, but if you want to use it for your LSA extractions then from what I can make out it doesn't look incredibly harmful.
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