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How does your cactus garden grow? (Cactus pic thread)

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Cooler than average temperatures have helped my cacti this year. The white powder on the top of some is diatomaceous earth for to thwart little nibbling critters. Here's a few pics:

Pic 1 is, left to right a pot of Lumberjack, a pot with a Crested Monstrosa Pachanoi (along with some Domino cacti and a small Mammilaria), and to the right in the foreground is some type of hybrid Wakinyan sent me (I lost the label, just remember it ended in "ensis" )

Pic 2 is Peruvianus, Terscheckii, Scopulicola and one that was sold to me as "Scopulicola x Juuls Giant". That one is about 5 feet tall now (1.5 meters)

Pic 3 is a Terscheckii.

How's your cacti doing this year?


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I'm new to the endeavor, nothing is in the ground more than 1.5 years, but so far, so good...

1 - first general cactus garden area; left-to-right - "Serra Blue"; T. Pachanoi; T. Santaensis (I think); T. Cuzcoensis (I think); T. Bridgesii; a hybrid of T. Bridgesii; T. Cuzcoensis (I think); T. Bridgesii; a different hybrid of T. Bridgesii; T. Argentinensis
2 - I put this pretty little specimen of 'Serra Blue' in the ground a couple months ago, it's 50% bigger already
3 - I acquired this T. Pachanoi and planted it in March; from above the stake, count up 4 areoles, after that is all new growth (smile!)
4 - the pair of T. Bridgesii I put in the ground spring 2020; the left side was maybe 2 inches tall, so....
5 - this pair of T. Bridgesii are doing great; the hybrid did nothing for most of last year then more than doubled; The T. Argentinensis has at least doubled in the year...
6 - an incredibly generous vendor sent me a box of 6 inch cuttings, here are a couple of T. Bridgesii doing just fine, I'm very happy; in the back, I had tossed down some 'logs' of Predominant Cultivar, and just like the instructions say, new tips start growing up!
7 - T. Pachanoi, from a rootball and its tops;
8 - T. Pachanoi, very short spines...
9 - T. Pachanoi, from another rootball, 5 tips so far, again, very short spines...
10 - T. Pachanoi, these make the logs seem very attractive! Not so short on these spines, nor the next one on right-side
11 - T. Pachanoi, on the left-side is the short-spine again
12 - Short spines again; you can see the new tip growth since I planted them in March/April
13 - T. Bridgesii, again from those little chunks of cuttings...
14 - recently acquired, in a pot in the shade for rooting; 'Golden Torch' on left, tall PC, and down at the bottom a beautiful T. Bridgesii cutting

I have to thank the Grey Fox for all his counsel and guidance, and so much knowledge here on the nexus.


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Started growing some peruvianus seeds I was gifted about 5 years ago. Theyve only just started really taking off in the past year. Seem to be doubling in size each year now but still very slow progress compared to what others have achieved. Not enough sun or heat here. Ill try uploading pics of the three biggest.

Been planting more each year, all named hybrids of pachanoi, bridgesii, scopulicola. Theyre way behind these three though, only a few inches tall. I was originally aiming to harvest some for my 50th next year, but after caring for them so long, I hate the thought of chopping them down!


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Loooovely pics friends! So awesome to see these beings growing!

Here are my cact too, hopefully after a year in this ground now they will start picking up the speed of growth


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Y’all have some nice gardens. Endlessness that is truly a beautiful spot.

I enjoy growing these plants more and more as time goes by.


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Oh wow some beautiful cact there!

Grey Fox, how tall is that tallest one there?

antichode, I love the raised bed with that cact mix! Did you plan on doing that from the start or did you start with one variety and got a "cactus fever" and started pilling them up there?

When I started growing cact, I imagined keeping a nice botanical garden-type of arrangement with little signs with info on each species, but with the multiplication of cuttings and what not, it all just took a life of its own and now I don't care, I'm just growing them because they look awesome :D
A few pics


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Melvin and Juules' Giant/Lophophera Williamsii graft
Great pics everyone, and as usual I'm jealous of those who can plant them in the ground. Although my Zone 7a might be 7b soon enough I'll still need pots. I harvested some this week because the height of the cacti combined with the size of the pots had made moving them a logistics problem.


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Some nice specimens there, wolfie, they're real food for monstrose/cristate envy - and I have the same issues with climate zone and pots that you do. One painful day I'll have to cut my bridgesii specimens, lest they swoop down and attack me... will they ever flower before then? My cactus bench will get some wheels by autumn, to facilitate transfer into their winter abode.

Antichode's rather splendid raised bed has set my garden design juices racing as well.

Well, here's the goods - some tall ones, some small ones, pup action and a peyote flower.


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Voidmatrix said:
ShamanisticVibes said:
Wolfnippletip 😁 that one looks like an old school "Zong"! Remember those bad boys? lmao

I sure do! I had one steamroller that was 2.5ft long and 9mm thick. I considered it useful for smoking and home defense lmao.

One love

😁 never thought about home defense lol. I just remember the smoothness of the hit from my old Zong was unbeatable! Such an interesting specimen to show such characteristics, it is clearly a mutation, no?
It's the Melted Wax mutation of Bridgesii. I have no idea what caused the radical bends in the column, the mutation or some injury, but it was about a third that size when I acquired it and I suspect it looked so misshapen the previous owner might have thought it was done for.
endlessness said:
antichode, I love the raised bed with that cact mix! Did you plan on doing that from the start or did you start with one variety and got a "cactus fever" and started pilling them up there?

I’ve definitely got a cactus fever. Can’t stop collecting them. Won’t stop 😂
The bed was well planned however. My previous house had clay soil and I lost a few over the years to rot in winter so kept most of my collection in pots. When we moved to this new property I had much less space so had the idea to plant them close together and try to make a wall of cactus. In a year or two I’ll cut the largest trunks and let the pups fill it out even more. I really want straight beautiful cacti. I used to have three times what you see here but I gave many away to friends. Processed a lot and kept the highest yielding strains. Everything in this bed is certified badass and really more than any sane person could ever need 🤗 still kinda want more tho :d

I am particularly in love with your thick and vigorous Bridgesii Grey Fox. They look real tasty!!!
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