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How does your changa BONGa (or other device) look like?

Migrated topic.
Will spare you another photo of the gvg. I find it easiest to control temp with and vape at gradually ascending temps to vape away the dmt followed by harmalas, bufo and slavinorin A. Usually cant feel the hit in my lungs outside of the rushing dissociation.
Beautiful smoking devices here 😁!

I know that I am late, but this is my bong.


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This is mine.

Been my "Ritual Device" for over a decade. Broke once when i moved to another town and had trouble finding it again... Coincidence brought me back together with the exact same Bong 🥰

The Symbol on which it is standing is the symbol of "Hunab Ku" - many shamans from the amazon refer to it as the one source, the one energy we all come from. The Symbol is a sign of 2 hands reaching towards each other in the meaning of "In Lak’ech Ala K’in". This phrase is an old mayan tradition of greeting and means "You are me and I am You"

Also on the Altar: Some b. caapi vines and power stones. The Altar Blanket i have from a mexican shaman couple with whom i did several Ayahuasca Ceremonies. There's a lot of power on this altar 🤯


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A very very dear friend made this for me and his become my official "therapy" pipe.


The bowl is made from desert iron wood, which he states that the stump he cut it from was extremely weathered and eroded by wind-blown sand. He thinks that the tree could've initially sprouted over 2000 years ago! :surprised

The pipe is made from an arunda can stem!

A treasured item that touches my heart :love:

One love


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:D :D :D

Laying on my bed, reflecting on past experiences... I realized I kinda have a lot of pipes specifically for DMT-related purposes. I actually don't use all of them. Some are for guidework or for others to use if smoalking with someone else (the blue one and the ones on the ends). One is retired (the rig in the middle). And three of them are just for me (the VG, the bubbler with the purple save-a-bowl covering, and the reed and wood one with the green save-a-bowl covering). Two are also for traveling purposes, if I go to someone's house or something (the ones on the ends), but otherwise don't really get used.

Ohhh, DMT :twisted:

One love


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