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How does your changa look like ?

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I made a small batch, as I´m going abroad and didn´t want to take dimitri in cristal form...
I used what I had available...

(mixed in IPA):
DMT: 1 gr
Jungle spice (or red goo from hexane extraction, fully evaporated): 0,6 gr
Harmala freebase: 0,6 gr
Herbal blend: caapi leaves, caapi vine, passiflora incarnata (passion flower), bobinsana, blue lotus, calea zacatechichi, a little voacanga rootbark.

I plan to mix it with a little amount of the same dried herbal blend, so that it burns better (in the last photo is mixed).

Planning on testing it in Machupichu and the sacred valley:roll:


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I love the face in the bowl! :lol:

Beautiful blend. I have some of the same herbs but have yet to try them all. I love having blue lotus in a blend though.

Let us know how it goes in Machupichu!

Be safe.

One love
4g full spec mimosa extract using Shaggy's jungle tek, 4g herbs consisting of various dream herbs, mullein, blue lotus, and mint, 2g full spec rue extract, .5 or .6g give or take of THH. I infused the 99% IPA with lavender buds. Once the mix was dry and mostly free of the alcohol smell, I put it in a clean baby food jar for curing and added a little bit more blue lotus and a little more mint just for color and flavor. I will be curing for the next few days and cannot wait to try it. Super stoked with how all this turned out.


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Here are some herbs and flowers that I picked with my girl and have dried out. I am going to enhance with beautiful amber and red goo from acacia confusa. The greenish purple tinged herb is round leafed orageno.


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smokerx said:
Homo Trypens said:

Here are some of the ones i made since 2018

Love the 3th picture :) Nice green color. What was, or still is, in it ? ;)

Oh wow sorry i totally missed this :)

The green color was from caapi leaf. I don't remember the specific blend i did there, might have been just sage and caapi, or included other herbs as well.

Here's my newest blend, with mullein, sage, and basil. 40% DMT, 20% rue harmalas. Next time i'll include a bit of caapi and chacruna too - now that i have living plants that lose a leaf from time to time.


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Darker one is changa: 7x caapi leaf, mullein, pau d'arco, passionflower, calendula, blue lotus
Lighter one is just enhanced leaf: mullein, lemon balm, passionflower, calendula, blue lotus
Both 25%. That was my first go at using caapi leaf, only tested a little bit but the effects seem very nice, I can definitely feel the harmalas, glad I didn't go full 10x, I actually meant to do 6x but got the math wrong. I'm kind of excited about the lemon balm in the enhanced leaf; its homegrown and I love making lemon balm tea before experiences so hopefully the relaxing qualities will come out when smoked. Probably should have tested it on its own, but oh well.


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Ooooooo very beautiful, both of you! :love:

All the blends you've guys shared sound divine. I have yet to try out sage in a blend because I've heard it can be harsh. One of these days I'll give it a try. Otherwise, many of the herbs you guys used are some of my go-tos, especially passionflower, mullein, and blue lotus. I just tried a new batch today that I made consisting of mullein, pao d' Arco, and Damiana. I purposely left of blue lotus and passionflower because my other 4 or 5 blends have them as well. Wanted to mix things up.

Thank you for sharing.

One love
Some basic enhanced leaf. One is 1:1 mix the other is 1:3 mix. Just DMT and peppermint.

Guess which is which? :D


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Indeed! The 1:1 looks like it's been snowed on!

It's actually not very useful, the dose in the pipe is so small it is hard to smoke it effectively. Clean herbs need to be added to the bowl
I plan on making my first Changa this weekend. Wanted to share my plan below to see if anyone had any feedbak/suggestions:

First, I plan on making 10x caapi leaves through boiling tek. I will only be infusing the caapi leaves with the 10x.
Once I have the 10x leaves, I'll dissolve 1g freebase DMT in IAP and add in 1g of plant material (I was planning on doing .5g of 10x caapi and .5g of other botanicals such as blue lotus, mullein, etc.). This should result in 1:1 Changa. just wanted to make sure I'm using enough 10x caapi to enjoy the harmalas.
I wish i saved a picture of my first batch i made reducing 30 grams of caapi leaf onto 10 grams. Once it dried , it made a a flat rock in the pan. I had to mix water with it to re-hydrate it to mix it with the DMT (50/50 ratio changa). Once it dried and i scraped it up, it turned into little rocks. Quite weird haha.
In my time away, I made 4 batches of changa.

The first I made was DMT enfused into caapi leaves. Not really picture worthy

The fist picture is 3:3:1 ratio of DMT, herbs, and harmalas (1g DMT, 1g herbs, 300mg, harmalas), using mullein, calendula, and skullcap.

The second picture is the same ratio (perhaps can even be written 1:1:0.3; I tend to forget since I had to teach myself over 20 years ago), with mullein, blue lotus, and Pau d; Arco.

Steeping and evaporating presently is one of my favorite combinations: Mullein, passionflower, and blue lotus. I've already shared a pic if IIRC.

One love


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OrangeEnergy said:
Voidmatrix said:
The fist picture is 3:3:1 ratio of DMT, herbs, and harmalas (1g DMT, 1g herbs, 300mg, harmalas), using mullein, calendula, and skullcap.

The second picture is the same ratio (perhaps can even be written 1:1:0.3; I tend to forget since I had to teach myself over 20 years ago), with mullein, blue lotus, and Pau d; Arco.

Those herbs look fantastic. Where do you get them from?


I typically look for my herbs on places like etsy. Get what I need and help small businesses. But that also means I get myself in trouble on that site :lol:

One love
Second changa attempt: Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata) with a full spectrum bufotenine IPA extract from Cebil (Anadenanthera colubrina var. cebil) and Yopo (A. peregrina). Infused according to the warm water bath TEK...

(Small stirring rod for scale :) )


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Has anyone ever tried putting the herb mixture in a food processor to make it less coarse? Not like a coffee grinder, as smoking a fine powder would probably only be useful for adding it to the end of a cigarette or the inside of wet rolling papers.

But, anyone?
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