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How long is the recommended wait between smoked DMT and Ayahuasca?

Migrated topic.
Has anyone really done that?
What was the outcome when compared to separate experiences?

What happens after coming down from smoked DMT, or let me rephrase, the way that you are 24 hours after smoking DMT, 24 hours has passed and things have "worn off" -- how many minutes/hours after smoking DMT are you in the same state of things having "worn off" as you are 24 hours later?

How soon have the effects of smoked DMT dissipated to the same extent as they have a day or two later in other words?

And once again, you are saying there is no difference whatsoever between not waiting after smoked DMT to commence drinking Ayahuasca and waiting 24 hours... in any way?
Smoking DMT while on some other form of DMT is pretty common around here. Blasting off while already in the space is a fantastic way to go deeper. Are you sure you don't have DMT confused with something else? MDMA perhaps or some other drug with diminishing effects?
Yeah many people here have smoked dmt or changa on ayahuasca, mushrooms, or lsd.

I'm not sure what you are really asking in the rest of your post, eDNA. But if you mean tolerance: I don't really notice any tolerance with DMT. Maybe a bit within the first couple minutes, but it still 'works' fine.

At the end of the day none of these answers are really going to explain much of anything about the experience to you. You just have to see for yourself.
Your wording is difficult to understand, so I'll say this - without MAO inhibition, smoked dmt fades in effect from my perception within an hour.
However, smoking/vaporizing after having ingested harmalas, or I suppose any other applicable MAOI (a subject I am admittedly ignorant of) will prolong the duration and potency of the DMT being inhaled greatly.

As far as tolerance to smoking, hours waited between vaporized or smoked doses is optimal, because a tolerance is formed nearly instantly, however it is short lived, with the course of a day being enough to fully 'recover' as far as smoking for maximum effects.

Drinking DMT and smoking it do not form a cross tolerance IMO/experience; as I noted, something the opposite is created, due to the MAOI effects.
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