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How to separate final product from residual goop?

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Hello folks! So, a friend recently acquired some mimosa hostilis root bark and followed the vortex extraction guide. A couple of questions: - The Vortex guide worked well, but do any of you prefer another TEK? Why? - When separating naptha from the basified water goop, some of the nasty water was taken out with the naptha. Now the naptha has evaporated, leaving some pretty crystals, and my friend is curious how to separate the DMT from the goop remains while losing as little product as possible. Would the freeze precipitation method be best or is there a better method? Thanks in advance. He had a question earlier about the naptha not separating from the goop, but was able to find it and solve the problem in one of the other threads. However, I haven't been able to find a direct answer to the above question and it's a real PITA browsing from my phone. Thanks again!
heat heptane(preffereably) or any other NP to about 100F at this point spice will melt but crap will not. Poor np into another container and allow to evap slowly. Large x stal will precip out. tilt dish away from them to evap the rest of the NP. Now you have good and GERAT available as well as goop. Alot of SWIMS freinds love the goop though.
Nice! Just to clear some things up. The goop we are referring to is NaOH/H2O/MHRB dirty goop...not lovely DMT containing fatty goop. He recently put the scraped remains from the glassware in a small half pint mason jar (glad he kept them from a previous hobby where he moved to quart jars!), put in some naptha, and then into a hot water bath (the water from his faucet is a nice 115F), covered of course. How well would a coffee filter work for straining the crud out? I understand others use it, but if a significant amount of the lovely tryptamine will get stuck in the filter...he'd rather go a different route. He's considering cheesecloth since he doesn't have any coffee filters. Micropore tape was considered as well, but im sure the solvent would suck up some of the nasty tape chemicals as well. Thanks!
NO to tape super ick!! I suppose if a large volume of naptha was added so that precip would be very difficult you could freeze the water and pour off fuel. Another interesting experement would be to use the MR funnel:) The have a screen(hyrophobic) that is used to remove water from fuel. http://www.mrfunnel.com/ pretty F'in cool huh. Vertical filterating is nearly clog proff as well.:)
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