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I am psychedelic all the time, do many of you experience this?

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Icyseeker said:
I do. Out of curiosity what sort of visuals do you see? For me it is a constant lotus.

If i close my eyes i see mandalas and fractals and if i meditate for even as short as 10 minutes i start having full on transcendental experiences. If i open my eyes i can choose whether i want to embrace the fractals and patterns in reality and if i do its usually very beautiful shapes that bend and morph into one another showing me almost the infiniteness of life. I don't see things like lotus flowers usually, unless i try, but if i try hard enough i can, I can change the colour of things and the taste of things too, but only if i want to and most of the time i don't, i like things the way they are at the end of the day as i feel we are here to experience this reality and to experience being human, not living in the infinite too much :) enjoy your psychedelia and this beautiful human existence :)
Icyseeker said:
Yeah that describes me to a T. Peace and love.
I'm starting to think HPPD is diagnosed as a disorder, whereas its morea state that has been reached. we consider hyperactivity a disorder in children, this is not particularly the case, it could just be the way children behave. just like HPPD could possibly be somewhat a natural psychedelic progression, like you are unlocking something in your mind, I think visuals are something humans should inately have the power to control moreso than we do currently, manipulation of the inner world should be taught at schools. learning how to interpret your visuals, understanding what it means to see visuals. why they occur and how to use them to your betterment.

Sometimes when I am experienceing a blissful moment, my visuals all culminate together as if it where a symphony, as if thousands of little patterns are cheering on the circumstance, creating a larger, more broad feeling of bliss. a state that I have not had before I experienced living in psychedelia.
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