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I need help


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I have had issues with last Batch of DMT . I used heptain for the first and it was a mhrb it was a
Straight base method I as of any one can help me
Yeah I appreciate the response but I'm going to my whole process of that straight to base method and when I go to pull back I'd not getting anything back by some material that's kind of floaty on the bottom I'm not getting back one Crystal and I cannot tell you I've never had this issue before
Not to be condescending or mean, but it is really hard to understand what you mean. So please re-read your post and then take your time to edit it so it becomes a coherent and understandable post.

Do you have a problem retrieving your solvent from the base soup?
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Heptane is essentially the same as naphtha, but it is a more selective solvent, so your yield per pull will tend to be lower. This may mean that you have a lesser quantity of crystal, the crystals are smaller, and they don't stick to the bottom of the container.

I cannot tell you I've never had this issue before
This is you telling us that you've had this issue at least once before, but I'm not sure you intended to do that.

Are you typing in your own language and translating it automatically into English? If not, try doing so. If so, maybe try a different one. In either case, please use full stops (.) to delineate your sentences.

Best of all would be if you were to describe your extraction process step by step:
  • then you could say exactly which step was problematic
  • this would allow us to respond with helpful suggestions
  • using a different batch of starting material may also lead to unanticipated challenges
Are you absolutely certain that the solvent is the only variable that has changed? And, as @Varallo says, please describe the exact problem clearly and succinctly.
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