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Iboga and Ibogaine

Migrated topic.
HAHHA I know but Coatl also has given me some useful things on cacti (especially about SS) I love her for that alone.
Ibogaine sounds incredible. Some of the reports I have read regarding ibogaine have been just amazing. That said SWIM is unlikely to ever try it as it sound very intensive and with some serious side effects (maybe one day?)
The reliving of memories with novel insights is very fascinating to me. This is truly incredible and must be a life changing experience. I have heard that this sometimes occurs with mescaline.
bufoman said:
"Well at higher doses it's very strangely entheogenic... I've never done Iboga, but I'd imagine that being real high on Yohimbe is as close as you will get to the real deal without actually doing it!"

Are you saying that yohimbe is entheogenic?

Yohimbe is legal where I am. High doses of yohimbe are entheogenic to a certain degree. I have some and it causes mild visual effects at high doses. It's unusual. I’ve never gotten any aphrodisiac effects from yohimbe. For SWIM, high doses of smoked freebase bufotenine have strong aphrodisiac effects. Mescaline at low also does, but it’s mild compared to bufotenine.

I’ve tried mixing yohimbe, kola nut, and a few other herbs for their “aphrodisiac” effects. The effect is pleasant and nice for love making because of the pleasant sensations you get from the altered sense of touch felt, but as for actually being “aphrodisiac” for the male it doesn’t work for me. I normally have trouble with erections lasting almost all day without the use of any herbs so maybe that’s why they do nothing for me. However, yohimbe gives me a lot of energy so that I can last all night long and not get at all tired. So it really helps me with stamina. For SWIM, 30 mg of smoked freebase bufotenine inhaled in one shot causes a spontaneous erection after about 5 minutes and SWIM cannot stop it even if he tries. I have no idea that that would be the case. Most psychedelics do the opposite.
Bufoman- loveable as Coatl may be, I have learnt that she is notoriously full of it! No offence

Thanks alot :( asshole

All I said was Yohimbe is similar to iboga in some ways and I think that we can see that, that is in fact true. I didn't know much more than that and thats why I posted... to ME in my personal experience it had some entheogenic like effects.

High doses of yohimbe are entheogenic to a certain degree.

Thank you!
[quote='Coatl]Thanks alot :( asshole[/quote]
Haha don't be like that, I did say you were loveable at least!
Surely you must be used to being told stuff you don't want to hear after so many years listening to Mama Aya?
You said yohimbe was like iboga, that's what I was saying sounds like a coatlism. Not whether it's mildly entheogenic or not.
69ron could you please elaborate on dose method of ingestion and effects please.

What type of visual effects? 69ron SWIY seems to be highly prone to visual effects.... Does SWIY get visuals from MAOIs? If so how similar where those from yohimbine to those?
[quote='Coatl]Entheogenic and psychedelic do not always mean visual.

No but the term visual is associated with these experiences.

It is a term commonly used to describe illusions in visual sensory experience, common of LSD type drugs. I have never heard it used in any other term.

I agree that there are many non-visual psychedelics. I do not think visuals are required for an entheogenic experience. but visuals are associated commonly with these experiences but I agree they are not necessary.

It is not likely to have visuals without a psychedelic experience at least LSD-like visuals (I know they are all different but for purposes of simplicity). This is why I would like to know what ron meant by visuals?
Well the visuals are like ripples, things appear to be vibrating. The dose is high, maybe about 6 teaspoons of the herb? I don't recall. I did it a long time ago when I was a teenager. My sisters also experienced mild visual effects from it. It also alters spacial awareness, so when you walk around it's quite interesting. It's really hard to explain. I also at times saw sparkly firework like visuals. The stimulation was a bit much though so I never repeated a heavy dose like that again. There's definitely a mild psychedelic feel to it at high doses, besides just the visual effects. SWIM can attest to that because he's very familiar with psychedelics, but I'm not.

It's not a harmala style MAOI type of visual effect. It's unlike anything else I've heard of. I've never experienced iboga or any other iboga-like herbs so I can't tell you if there are any similarities there.

I use yohimbe about once a month for extra energy, usually mixed with kola nut extract. I don't use large doses anymore.
Very interesting 69ron, thanks for the input!

I just got a slight visual "shift" and a general entheogenic and euphoric feeling (tho I'm sure the sex helped too:))
found this

MATERIALS: <trial-run>
45 grams Iboga ROOT-BARK (for more root bark adjust dosage levels~ approx 4-6% TA content* for this stuff)do math
acetic acid
paper filters
* of which approx one-half is ibogaine
45g pulverized/ground~ simmered in straight vinegar (acetic acid)
3 'cooks' approx. 1 1/2 hrs. each each
decant x3
filter each decant through cloth (t shirt) then again thru paper filter (coffee)
combine liquid
evaporate in oven @ 200f w/oven door open (ibogaine alkaloid melting pt 300f)
scrape brown/orange residual crystal w razor <12.5gTA>
administer(in gelcaps)... heal....
**USE caution** dosage info and more details forthcoming


Jorkest said:
hahahaha i love how its called a one step extraction with about 5 steps:p

I believe the guy who made that tech was sampling the product when he posted that “one step extraction” :lol:

Jokes aside, that’s the first such extraction I’ve seen posted for iboga. Thanks for posting it.
Yeah, you guys keep joking, and yeah I know it's just a concentrated filtered vinegar extraction really, but it's the first extraction process I've seen for Iboga. I know next to nothing about Iboga, how to extract it, etc. This at least shows some starting points and gives some temperature information about ibogaine.
now if we could only get a hold of some.....are there any other plants that have ibogaine in them..not sure if this has been answered but...iboga is tough to get for some people
now if we could only get a hold of some.....are there any other plants that have ibogaine in them..not sure if this has been answered but...iboga is tough to get for some people

Dude that is one reason I started this thread! Read my posts!

Very 1st thing I said in the 1st post of this thread-

I know I'm all about using botanicals in their natural forms but seeing as Tabernanthe iboga is very hard to obtain in the Americas and Europe it is logical to extract from other botanicals which contain Ibogaine and are easier to obtain and cultivate.

Then I listed the botanicals-

Voacanga africana
Tabernaemontana species
Madagascar Periwinkle
SWIM cannot get Iboga at all, only some of it's less desirable relatives.

Iboga plants/seeds are NOT hard to find... It's easy to import and easy to grow! Everybody should get some! PM me for details!
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