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Iboga and Ibogaine

Migrated topic.
Voacanga africana - contains precursors
Tabernaemontana species - lots of spp around - do any contain ibogaine in the same form as iboga root ?
Madagascar Periwinkle - are you serious - this is the first iv heard of it containing iboga like alkaloids ??? thought it contained tropane alkaloids and made your hair fall out ?
Is Voacanga africana at all useful? SWIM has this herb but never tried it because of all the reports of it causing stomach pain, chest pain, etc.
swim tried 2 times - cant recall the amounts now but it was something like 50 seeds first time and like 90 or so second time - no negative fx were felt at all. fx were present but not intense enough. just above placebo kinda haha. but present. - i think using it as a precursor is its best use.
Is Voacanga africana at all useful?

Not in it's raw form unless you like getting sick, but it contains Ibogaine and I was thinking you chemistry guy could figure out how to seperate the Ibogaine from the other compounds!

www.shaman-australis.com has Iboga plants and seeds (I suggest you get a plant as seeds can be difficult to grow). He ships to the U.S.A and Europe without problems.
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