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Iboga disappearing from the wild in Gabon

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Very good initiative!

Here is a picture of one of my Ibogas:

They are both hard to grow but also incredibly strong willing at the same time. The leaves wit the brown tips happened when the temperature in the winter was too cold, but after the temperature rose it just grew leaves again like crazy.

I live in The Netherlands and grow them in a humidity dome, outside it they would slowly die here.

Kind regards,

The Traveler
This is terrible news, but perhaps not that unexpected. There seems to be numerous companies in central Africa offering vast quantities of pure ibogaine and iboga alkaloids and root bark, with the purer extracts being much more expensive...there is potential for massive profit margins to be made off iboga in this way, and if such a thing can be exploited, it will be. It is very regrettable but people will just try and make a living by any way they can. Due to the complexity and cost of synthesising iboga alkaloids, all the pressure is on the plants to provide.

A few of the Bwiti grow their own iboga and its sometimes grown outside the Bwiti temples for ceremonies. Part of the ritual though is to go into the wild and harvest the roots, in a similar way that the Huichol utilise Peyote. I think it would be certainly possible to farm iboga sustainably, in a similar way that caapi is in some areas of Amazonia. I think iboga would wish to continue working with people if that makes sense, so it is up to us to take care of it...for what it gives us it is the very least we can do. To lose this plant would be to lose something very special forever. Still though, if iboga's destiny is to become a private commodity in order to survive into the future, I fear those who will lose most are the Bwiti themselves.

If people do plan on obtaining iboga, it is important to ask how their vendor of choice obtained their stocks of iboga. Remember that iboga is a plant from the western part of central Africa...Gabon is its spiritual home but it also grows wild in Cameroon and the Congo. I know for a fact that none of the iboga I have ingested has been of Gabonese origin. If I lived in the tropics I would definitely be growing some.
Bancopuma, Great info thank you.

If anyone else has any ideas for fundraisers/etc please PM either Kambo or I.

Especially if anyone is wanting to donate, it would be best to pm for ordering seeds to send to our designated locations. So far the Amazon is very aggreable!!! Some big names have agreed to designate land! So now we especially need seeds. We have many locations. I would like to make a listing with our set locations so far, if anyone needs that you can pm as well. No names on those listings just the general vicinity i.e. Peruvian Amazon, East Coast, South U.S., Phillipines, ext. ext.

Thanks again and indeed nice post BancoPuma as always!
trav your greenhouse looks identical to mine..what sort of light setup are you using? Do you have a heater in that room?

I have caapi going in a little indoor greenhouse setup but I heard iboga was much harder to grow. I am going to get some seeds sometime this year and try to grow a few of them.
Shroomtroll said...
How long would it take to grow some iboga to able to harvest it?

It takes at least 7 years but best to wait at least 10. Ultimately for the plans for IRIE we are looking at a 15 year plan and treating this like the most precious and delicate baby that has ever existed. To be nurtured with great care and yet braved with courage and resolve. Especially folks that have stepped forth in the Amazon is GREAT NEWS!!! Hawaii is our new target area. Honestly I have this inner intuition that the Galapagos Islands are a haven for Iboga as well as Papau New Guinnea and Indonesia. But wherever there are people willing to dedicate land and/or space, it is extremely encouraging and positive!!!

Just to insure that it grows and grows. But also part of the long term plan for IRIE is to spread out Kambo to other regions, as well as further the propogation of the very precious Tabernaemontana Undulata (makes Sananga Visionary Eye Drops aka Becchete) and the ultra aya admixture Uchu Sanango aka Tabernaemontana Sananho. Cross Cultural Propogations. For Undulata and Sananho a friend in Peru is willing to trade me them for Iboga seeds making this an extremly beneficial relationship.

More than these, an idea to spring Caapi into the Tropical West African Rainforest. To encounter Ibogahuasca using the Iboga leaves as the main admixture with the Caapi. This way it will be much easier to practice Iboga sustainability. I want to write to retailers to propose using the Iboga leaves in this way rather than always killing the whole plant. Caapi+Iboga Leaves = Ibogahuasca!!!

I would really like to stress that it is known to the people of Gabon that wherever Iboga grows there is a protection of peace. So the ultimate goal in the long run is to have enough specimens to re populate the Gabon Virgin Forests that are located in Mayumba, Setta Cama, Lambarene, Mitzic, Coco Beach and several other locations. That is why tissue culturing will be an extremely valuable asset in the coming years, for reliable transportation to Gabon.
Hey Kambogahausca do you have any information on tissue culturing iboga or just in general, i'm very interested to start learning.

Thanks buddy.
I have a little but not much mainly I was referred to this site to learn...

As much as we can learn, but someone that has done it as well to help us learn too would be quite helpful. I can clone up the yin yang though that's for sure.

Anyone know or have ideas how Iboga seeds would do with Gibberlic Acid?

Gibberellic Acid-3 (GA-3) is a naturally occurring plant growth regulator which may cause a variety of effects including the stimulation of seed germination in some cases. GA-3 occurs naturally in the seeds of many species and is produced commercially by growing Gibberella fujikuroi fungus cultures in vats, then extracting and purifying the GA-3. Presoaking seeds in GA-3 solution will in many cases cause the rapid germination of many types of highly dormant seeds which would otherwise need cold treatment, after-ripening or ageing, or other prolonged pretreatments. Many different types of dormancy are overcome with GA-3, and we are having excellent results with many ordinarily difficult seeds, including some types which we have never before succeeded with. Not all seeds respond well. A great deal of research needs to be done to determine which species benefit, and the proper concentration of GA-3 for each type.

I think it would really help...

But I plan on soaking the seeds in my mouth for hours on end as well and saying positive thoughts and prayers to them so they are filled with love and intention and customized to my spirit (Ringing Cedars Books thanks to Anastasia of Siberia).
I just got a seedpod last week. I'm going to let the fruit age/rot to help germinate the seeds. From what I understand, the fermenting fruit is supposed to release acids and other chemicals that help with germination.

I haven't even opened the package yet. I figure I'll wait until about July to take them out of the pod and plant them indoors. My environment is far from ideal for growing them, but I figure indoors with plenty of love and attention...it's gotta be worth a shot to help propagate this sacred plant.

Haven't tried iboga, have no real need, but who could resist growing such powerful medicine.
Some very positive developments have been occurring, I am not too much wanting to divulge as of yet, don't want to ruin a good thing. Looks like seeds in abundance and a main Iboga Salvation farm and farms all over Indonesia to be worked out by a master ethnobotanist/permaculturalist extradonaire. Because he has been working with cultivating Iboga for 4 years already and his vast resources of perfect land (compatible with Gabon) much of the seeds will likely be sent his way for a time. Until there are enough seeds I want to focus on giving Iboga a home away from home in Indonesia where the climate is perfect for Iboga. Like a refuge we can depend on.

Just didn't want to frustrate those I had promised seeds to, kind of need to work at a priority level. Also there is amazing news I am trying to ascertain into about an unbelievable technique to drastically drastically increase the growth rate. I thank rather than message individuals I will just make things more public for all to see. It is somewhat overwhelming.

Bare with me(us). Some changes may have to arise as to the change in Iboga Salvation's mission statement and such, realizing that it would really help to have actual money donations, or else I will go broke doing this and then our goals will be vanquished(unless more people took over). I had to come to this stark reality, can't even do what my heart and spirit want without some capitol. But overall the most we can do without involving money would be for the better.

Thanks for the time,
rOm said:
I receive a seedpod yesterday, I will start to germinate today.

If you have not ripped the seedpod open yet, wait. It is much better if you leave the seedpod intact and set it somewhere to rot a little before pulling the seeds out and trying to germinate, or so I hear.

I'm trying both ways, I ripped open a fresh pod and sowed the seeds, hope it works out. I have another pod that im letting rot a little bit first.

I'll be sure to post my findings. :thumb_up:
Many plants that make fruits/seedpods have seeds with gelatinous coatings on them. This protects the seeds from sprouting inside the fruit.
In horticulture ga-3 or hydrogen peroxide is often used to digest this seed coating.

If it was me, I'd be soaking in a dilute H2O2 solution much sooner then letting it rot in a pod. Rotting is just that, and often many of the seeds do not survive.

On another note, it is good that the seeds are going to a professional grower in the proper climate. As much as I would have loved to have grown the plant, I am outside of it's survival range and as such despite my best intentions it would be a waste of seed.
I do have to wonder about the possibility of rooting cuttings, or via tissue culture.

i just spoke with one of the Bwiti and apparently iboga can't grow anywhere else since it must not only be the proper climate but also soil as well as a few specific trees it requires in a symbiotic sense. im not sure what can be done
They will say this as if it is a dogma. But truth be told it grows very well in SE Asia. It seems wherever Banisteriopsis thrives so does Iboga.

So don't listen to their monopoly driven motives.

Bah Humbug!

And remember Iboga goes before religion (ways of life even like the Bwiti)...it was first then religion/ways of life (Bwiti).



(1) The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal God or gods.
(2) Details of belief as taught or discussed.

Other definitions of Religion:

1. a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs.
Would a Mediterranean climate like coastal SoCal be good for Iboga? My grandma tends to have a green thumb , and is a doting caretaker. I feel like a humidity dome with indoor growth from the end of autumn till the warmer spring months would allow a beautiful plant to establish itself.
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