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Introduction Essay version 1.2 Hello!

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"Pack it up, pack it in. Let me begin. I came to win" <- House of pain, Anyhow, Because of my first poorly written intro essay, I'm writing a second one, hoping I shall be forgiven.

Hi, :!: I'm Yumi_san, I'm 27, And I reside in america, I'm just a simple ordinary person really, I dropped out of school at the age of 16, and have spent a lot of my life doing absolutely nothing positive, I regret this, but there is no point in crying over spilt milk, anyway, For the longest time, I wondered what the meaning of life was, is there life after death, is there a spiritual world that we cant see? Everyone is entitled to their own opinions on this I know, But for the longest time, I questioned the idea of a divine source, Life after death, And a spirit world. For years I have known of DMT, And how powerful it is, I never tried it though, I've only heard about it through various sources, I never really stopped to think about it. Till about a month ago, when I seen a couple paintings that just resonated with me on some certain level, that I knew was associated with a DMT experience, At this point I felt as if something was calling me towards DMT, I found a few Terence McKenna talks, And I was absolutely blown away by what he was saying, It just took me to a whole new world. Wich also led me here, To the NEXUS. Hearing about the shamans in peru and all the accounts of of DMT,ayahuasca experiences, almost confirmed to me that, There is indeed a world beyond this one, and there could most certainly be a divine source out there, And possibly even life after death. But that's just my opinion though :D wich we are all entitled to, and I respect everyone's beliefs!

So im here at the nexus, To learn as much as possible and expand as much as possible, On the ethneogenic field, and on the spiritual self, ( if thats covered ) :d
Thanks for the updated intro.

We all have them questions I would guess, mainly because we just don't know and can only speculate. Dmt seems to take you somewhere, I only wish I could answer the where, how, what, why factors.

I just don't think I could even remotely get close to thinking up what and things I have seen on a breakthrough. Yet it feels so familiar, as if I've been there, before doing Dmt. If my mind is capable of thinking this stuff up, why are my dreams not psychedelic, granted they are weird but definitely not trippy. What exactly is the molecule allowing my brain to do or access, who knows, but I like to visit there. Definitely one hell of an experience :shock:
Spaced Out 2 said:
Yet it feels so familiar, as if I've been there, before doing Dmt.

This is really interesting, because I hear alot in many other peoples accounts, they feel like they've been there before upon breakthrough, Like its somewhere they are familiar with. I find that to be so interesting.
It also intrigued me about similarities in trip reports. That is what got me so interested after it found me. How could that be possible. I know they are different in ways but still have a lot of similarities, especially when people trip together, almost like their minds are connected somehow, again it's not always like that but alot of reports hint at it. Just more speculation though.
I love the familiarity that dmt spaces can have, I had one experience when my guide told me "This is where you come from and will return to. You can return any time."
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