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Is anyone familiar with Quareia?


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For those of you who are into Magic/Magick have you ever heard of this course? I know a few practitioners never got into it seriously myself , not that I completely dismiss it.
I've been thinking of following the course material from this group (Quareia). like I said I've never gotten deep into magic work myself, However I've always been into mysticism and have had a few experiences myself that makes me think that maybe I have innate abilities (or mental issues :ROFLMAO:)

let me clarify a little bit. I remember vividly having OBE experiences as a kid and being able to do it at will, I never went anywhere, cuz truth be told I didn't know what I was doing it was just a sensation, The feeling of hovering over my body and spinning oddly specific feeling. It wasn't until I was much older when I started reading about OBE experiences that I realized what was actually happening to me.
Fast forward a bit, I got really into lucid dreaming for a while and besides all the cool things you can do fly , have super powers etc. I would have profound experiences I've been chased by aliens, manipulated matter , fell through portals seen things that would trump the latest sci fi spectacle. If anyone is actually interested Ill make a thread detailing some of my lucid dreams. I bring this up because during that time period I was able to trigger an OBE once and unintentionally. Ill detail the experience: I fell asleep on the couch in my living room at the house I was living in at the time and when I "awoke" I was in the adjacent room which was the kitchen , I remember specifically feeling like I was in the fetal position and my body was unnaturally heavy, it was like I wasn't use to it I guess when looking back in hindsight. We use to have a clock on top of the fridge and I remember slowly raising my head and looking at it , and when I looked over to the adjacent room I saw my body sleeping on the couch. In that moment I guess cause of the shock I instantly jumped back into my body and woke up.
This was definitely a strange for me, but I cant deny that I experienced it.

Granted all these experiences happened years ago I barely even dream anymore, I feel like I lost my spiritual connection somewhere along the way. I still "believe" I guess in the "other" but whatever connection I had got lost. I guess I want to see if its really to late to tap back into it.

Its also hard too cause believe there's been a loss of true spiritual teaching in todays age. Its been muddied and lost.
I remember the early days of the internet when it was still weird, finding so much information about wand making , sigil magick , meditation etc , Now I feel its hard to find genuine spiritual teachers/ masters. I remember 2 guys specifically one was some millionaire guy who would speak a lot about sigils and magick but I cant remember his name , and than there's Johnny street Munk which was a youtuber back in the early days of youtube to this day I wish I would have saved his videos cause he was so insightful, I actually was able to talk to him a few times before he disappeared off the internet and deleted his youtube, People I felt who were truly genuine in their craft. Idk I say this but maybe that's my ego talking, and I recognize that. I had trust back in this community back in the day and trusted the opinions here, so I figured id get some feed back on the things I shared here.

Sorry that this came off a little ranty and incoherent I recognize I jumped through a few subjects here, just trying to paint a picture for where I am at.
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