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Is it safe to use DMT alone?

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I have psychedelic experience, not worried about having a bad trip and what to do about that.

From what everyone here explains about DMT (I have not done DMT), it is like something that is almost inexplainable, your whole vision is sent to another land/dimension/platform and you are rocketed into this other "world."

It doesn't seem like this would be safe to smoke DMT alone. Is it possible that you would be walking around, falling down stairs into objects etc? Do you feel like you know where your physical body is even though you claim to be in a completley different spiritual world?

It seems like a bad idea to have someone in the same room as you, though. I wouldn't want to take DMT with someone else. It would distrupt the experience in my eyes.

How do you all take DMT alone and what do you do to reduce harm?
its most certainly safe to do alone...as long as you trust yourself..and no..you dont go stumbling around like on salvia...

SWIM usually prefers to do it alone...its really much nicer
for me, a fairly dark room, by myself, possibly some faint music playing in the background, laying in my bed, under the covers, propped up on comfy pillows is the perfect place to be. I also liked someone else's idea of a bath, but I don't have a bathtub :p but no, I don't feel having someone else there is completely necessary. You don't really have the urge to walk around, just experience outer space in your mind.
depends.. SWIM himself and the many people he smoked with never 'trip-walked' while on dmt.. but I read a couple of stories of people getting up and stumbling on dmt somewhere on the net

I guess its prudent for the first time to have a sitter, just to know how you react more or less

SWIM also usually preffers doing it alone, and he knows he just wouldnt stand up or anything like that

I prefer to enjoy Spice alone.

Since all I do is sit there with my eyes closed, I doubt there would be a whole lot that anyone could do for me (except become a distraction).
Sitter might be a good idea for a first time. Most people are imobile but I've heard tale of wandering or flopping.

More importantly, having an experienced sitter may help with take-off anxiety. Have SWIYs friend sit in another room out of sight. SWIY will know that this person is there and maybe this will give some comfort.
you dont really need a sitter.. its just very nice having someone around to whom you can tell your stories. taking turns and talking in between until tolerance is gone is very nice.
Better alone than a neorotic person around. And keep in mind things can get very, very private.

BTW cats can get wild if you're launching, it can be distracting, but as sitters I prefer them to most humans ;)
I personally would never do it with anybody else that did not plan to do it right after i did or before i did since its not a social drug at all and i am like a zombie while i'm dosed up.
swim personally thinks, that people around for your first time is a great idea. Swim likes having people around cause it brings energy... weather it be good/bad energy. if it's a big group of people you decide to try spice with your first just make sure everyone stays quite and not to be loud because to much distractions can turn your trip into a bad one. swim's boyfriend prefers having 3-4 people in a room while enjoying spice and such, henseforth to insure that you have a good first time experience, music is a really big thing. depending how you want your first time to go..... Swim advices you calm and cool music. ect= momma sed by puscifer, divine moments of truth by shpongle 2 songs are a great for a first time experience or even complete silence is good idea as well.
Purely from a safety perspective, I think it can be ok. A lot of it is going to depend on your environment.

If this is the first time out, it's pretty easy to be overwhelmed, and to forget why you're tripping. A state of panic may set in, which could result in you trying to move around.

Were that to happen, you'd want to be in a safe place (on a bed, in a room, door closed, no dangerous objectives to knock over or trip on, and most important, no people nearby that might call authorities or investigate strange noises).
Youd be fine. I always tell people its not something youl freak out on and not now what your doing. Your mind stays kinda clear and in control until your into a breakthru then it doesnt matter youl sit there motionless and dream. But youl be aware. Like the above guy said make sure your immediate area is clean n safe...not that hard.
If you're the type of person that believes that the CIA is tapping your thoughts, third worldwar is about to begin, you've got your own nuclear shelter and your house is full of guns and ammo and you always sleep with a walther P5 under your pillow......yes, i think it's perfectly safe. Come on, give it a try!
tryptographer said:
Better alone than a neorotic person around. And keep in mind things can get very, very private.

BTW cats can get wild if you're launching, it can be distracting, but as sitters I prefer them to most humans ;)

Very true. The two times I used a sitter (one for aya the other for spice) both ended up being a disaster. The first one was so worried about me the entire spice voyage that it was distracting and obnoxious...The Aya sitter ended up eating a large amount of mushrooms when no one was looking and freaked out herself ruining both my Aya experience and my friends experience.

While I think a sitter MIGHT be good for a serious Aya adventure, IF THE RIGHT PESRON CAN BE PICKED, I think that most often a sitter can make things 1000000 times worse.

I don't see the need for a sitter unless massive doses of a psycadelic are taken. Mescaline for example is one that I feel a sitter is not needed for. Under 5grams of mushrooms is another one that a sitter may just get in the way.

This is my personal choice, but I have been doing psycadelics for a long time, and only a handful of times did I use a sitter, and only once did I wish I had one.
Well, when you do it alone, there is ofcourse the risk of your body growing hair on the strangest places, your skin becoming purple, turning into scales, nuclear chainreactions starting to happen in your guts, while you bellybutton starts emitting radiosignals. Your head becoming like a big self-inflating balloon, with ears of the elephant dumbo. You start flying away unvoluntarilly, chased by pirates and crocodiles. Jimi hendrix is licking your toes while the indians throw poodles at you and in the meantime you are forced to do the tango with tom jones, who's wearing high heels...there's a sudden dimensional shift and there it is; the beloved shock and awe, they promised we where gonna witness in iraq but that for some reason never realy came of the ground.....and you are turning into the beast.
666, it's your phonenumber, your birthday, your favorite colour, shoesize, weight in grams!!!!!
But don't let this scare you. It's different for each person.
Voyages with higher doses can be more anxiety-ridden with sitters. Bear in mind that the fewer the distractions, the weirder the trip, but one is allowed anxiety-free full-immersion this way. At lower doses, a small, sincere group can be pleasant.

SWIM would say that the shaman is obligated to explore hyperspace alone once in a while in order to act as a sort of diplomat. SWIM's already had to engage with some pesky entities that have been plaguing his apartment. The shaman is also obligated to sit in on those he introduces to the spice until they're ready to go it alone, but the shaman should also partake in the experience in order to guide the trip and gauge the set and setting.

SWIM would almost never do aya alone (especially since he's married), but has become very discerning about who he does it with. SWIM would never do it with a sober sitter though. SWIM doesn't even believe that anyone who would agree to being a sober sitter would make a very good sitter anyway. Everyone present should be at the same level of psychedelia, but at least one of them should be experienced.
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