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I've just been promoted! :-)

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Hi Nexians!

I'm sooo happy right now!😁

I just found out that I've been promoted to full member status here.

Seriously guys, this is a big deal for me.:d

When I saw that the seedling icon under my avatar was gone, I was like:

Ever since I came across this forum, I've been enamoured with it. I lurked for a long time before I decided to take the plunge and join.

Even as a new member, the discussions I've had with you folks have been amazing. I love the supportive, helpful attitude of the people here. The Nexus really is the place to be!

I'm really looking forward to having an expanded share in the discussions here now that I'm a full member.

To Trav and those members that upvoted me, thank you so much!
dreamer042 said:
Congrats! Glad to have ya on board.

Don't forget to pay it forward and throw those poor aspiring noobs some votes. 😉

Thanks dreamer042!:thumb_up:

You know, I'm already doing that, so no need to tell me!8)

Considering how badly I wanted promotion and how eagerly I anticipated it, it just makes sense to "pay it forward", as you said.
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