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Large Aya Brew

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Some people i know asked me to ask you about large aya brews.

There are approximately 12 people hoping to share the sacred brew and they are looking for a moderate/strong brew, yet they are unsure of the amount of ingredients (in grams per person)
They are hoping to use Banisteriopsis caapi vine, combined with dried Psychotria Viridis (chacruna) leaves.

I have mentioned to them that they may need to brew twice the number of ingredients so they are able to re-dose halfway through the ceremony if excessive purging occurs. They mentioned that it did not matter if they had some brew left over as this would be saved for other journeys.

The group have asked me to ask you about how these doses would be shared out, should the large brew be measured out by cup or by volume? They are unsure about this due to the large amount of people and large amount of brew.

They have also asked me to ask you about brewing times for each of the two sacred plants.
They have three large cooking pots to use.
They will use fresh lemons to slightly acidify both ingredients.
They have all the time in the world to prepare the brew.

They also want to thank you for taking the time to read this.
It really depends on the strain and quality of the plants used... the best way would be to do a smaller brew, just one or two doses, test it out and then go onto the big brew once you have an idea of the strength of your material. I'd say 50-100g Caapi and 20-50g Chacruna per dose to begin with.
Ok, thats sounds sensible. They would like to brew enough for two doses each, so they will try a single brew (2 doses) then scale it up when thy feel they understand the materials strength.
They are hoping to reduce the brew enough so that one dose is roughly 100ml, and have two of these. I guess the only way to work this out is for them to try it out.

Cheers for the reply.
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