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Learning chemistry from berkeley for free

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Berkely has a webcast of many of their classes one being chemistry. On the page in the upper right is a drop down with semesters. You can select older semesters. This is a great resource for learning not just chemistry but other things as well. MIT also has some free course videos.

Here's some more:
University of Tenn Chemistry

MIT Chemistry but many others as well.

Stanford webcasts chemistry plus other courses.

Unuversity of california. These are various lectures not courses like the others have.

I especially like to throw this one out for those who dont know much about quantum physics. It's a good intro to it:
Your the best vovin. Ive been out of school a couple years now and have been thinking of going to college for chemistry, probally orgranic. Im sure these lectures will help me dicide.
Wow, this is awesome! Thanks guys! I was just talking to me g/f last night about learning some more science on the internet instead of wasting time with video games and whatnot.
Wow. Thank you. Ive been looking for chem classes to take from my school. Now I dont need to spend the money.
I have to give many thanks for this!

just finished watching the 1st lecture video for Chemistry 1a (Fall 2009 semester)

Ive already bookmarked every link in this thread and plan to eventually study them all!

I am an absolute FEIND for knowledge.

does anyone know where i might be able to find a webcast or website for learning Algebra?

I know im going to need to brush up if im going to be getting further into chemistry.

thanks again.
DimethylSpice, I think you will be very very happy to visit Khan Academy which has videos for learning every type of math up through an undergraduate level, as well as most theoretical aspects of the sciences.
There's a course on algebra as well as calc trig and a whole bunch of other math classes on demonoid. It's a torrent site might be hard to get into but once you do you'll have a whole world at your fingertips top notch torrents. http://www.demonoid.com/ The videos can be found by using the keyword chalkdust ( the name of the company that produces them). It's set up in class format it's almost exactly piece for piece what my college math classes are like makes studying a breeze.
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