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Let's depict Entities, Enviroments and Objects from DMT-space!

Rimor, you say you are color blind... Are you completely color blind or only blind to certain colors?
Can you see colors while on DMT or other psychedelics?
I believe I'm Red & Green deficient.

Traffic lights "Green" looks white to me, purple usually looks blue to me, I confuse Yellow/Green a lot, Gray/Pink, etc.

I see all the same colors I normally see in day to day life, but I still have no clue what I'm looking at. I've seen "greens" and "yellows" based on what people say are green and yellow, but in my visions I still have no clue which one it is.

And I can't ask anyone either :(

I can still SEE those colors, I'm just deficient, so they probably aren't as vibrant or noticeable. I believe what's actually happening for something like purple for instance, is there isn't enough Red for my eyes to pick up on, so only the blue is noticed. Whereas Maroon, I can clearly see the red in.

However if there were the same amount of red on a white background (therefore being Pink), it would probably look gray to me.

Give me the Hexadecimal notation though and I can tell you what color something is :)
Agave wrote:
Ok, enough talk, here's mine .

Apoc wrote:
That's a really good one!!!!! Thanks for that.

That sounded a bit coarse and impatient after I read it. I wish there was a smiley with tongue planted firmly in cheek. Here's another image, nothing too freaky about it. I've been going through a period where my visuals have been dark,and ashen. hind of muted I guess, but this colorful little flower popped up in the midst of all this gray, then it jumped right into my mouth. Maybe it was a hopeful sign. Anyhow I felt like it had some personal meaning and was worth painting.

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My avatar is an entity :)
So is mine.
And mine :lol:

Mine too... 😉

Mine is famous:x
So is mine.

Mine likes to smo alks...

I've got nothing to add, I just wanted to make another little box within a box.
How many box's can we get?

Not the best drawing, but here is one of many creatures / entities I have seen. I added colour to make the entity stand out, but it was just an evolving monochrome grid with these entities popping out of the grid and lunging at me.


I have also depicted a couple of entities on some lighters which I use to smoalk... Will get some pics up at some point...
I saw this growing on my door once, like a bacterial colony or something... the colors were super bright and seeing it made me happy...

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